16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Moms For

1. All the times she had to double as best friend/counselor/therapist/costume designer/hair stylist/coach/all-around-solver-of-every-problem-ever. I remain unconvinced that moms aren’t actually superheroes in disguise.

2. Forgiving us when we forget to call.

3. Listening to all our pointless dramas when we do remember.

4. Being the kind of person that we actually do want to become — because as we all know, it’s inevitable.

5. Having the incredible prowess only a mother whose babes have been scorned could — mama bear protects her cubs, sometimes excessively, but we love it, let’s be honest.

6. All those times we yelled “MOOOOMMM!!” through the house to find out where our white shirt was or what time so-and-so was getting home and all the other questions we just couldn’t go to Dad for.

7. All the things she reluctantly bought us at the cash register of any given store, all the clothes and things we didn’t really need (but insisted we did). Growing up and understanding the value of a dollar really makes you reconsider just how much moms sacrifice.

8. For all the home cooked meals or pizzas we didn’t have to pay for ourselves. Equally phenomenal. Equally missed.

9. Putting up with our middle school phase.

10. For giving us our siblings, whom we simultaneously once wished to sell and now are best friends with.

11. And oh yeah, for that whole “giving birth to us” thing.

12. For being our first, and at some points, only cheerleaders, who were and are proud of every little thing we do.

13. All the time she spent picking us up from practices; bending over backwards to make sure we had new cleats and costumes; and were at every game, rehearsal, and play date we planned.

14. Doing her best, even when things were most difficult in the family. Moms have this incredible magic sparkle glue that keeps it all together when it would otherwise fall apart.

15. Dealing with Dad.

16. Being the boss woman of the house (and of our lives). And for being living proof that there truly are people who can honestly just do it all. TC mark


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    I couldn’t agree more. Love you mama<3

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    I really enjoyed this… it really makes you think about all of the things moms do. My mom and I have always been extremely close and we’ve only grown closer in the last year or so since I left for college. I always think these lists are kind of corny, but this one was just sappy enough to make me think he was cute.

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    Love this. So thankful for my momma while my boy is gone. She will definitely be keeping me busy.

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    I know you’re supposed to go through that moment of realizing that your mom isn’t perfect. And of course I did. I know my mom has flaws, but she’s definitely one hell of a person. She’s still a superhero in my eyes.


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    For my mom. Can’t believe you’ve been gone 4 1/2 years. I miss you more than ever and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you!

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    Every day, I thank the universe that I happened to grow out of my mother’s womb instead of someone else’s. This article says exactly why.

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    Many of us are inspired by our mothers. She is the reason we care about topics like women’s health equality. Valentine’s Day (or today) is a great time to thank her for everything, or at least some of these things below.

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    LOVE MY MOM SO MUCH. She does so much for me and even more…

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