The Gift Guide For The Pinterest Queen In Your Life

1. Desktop craft supply storage organizer

storage desk organizer

Perfect for their excesses of crafting materials, and a quick and cheap gift to either make yourself or find at any local office supply store.

2. Their own “craft kit” of the essentials: mason jars, burlap, stencils, etc.


You can even get creative with how you package it, like purchase one large mason jar and put the other materials inside. Also, most craft stores have great sales on scrap materials and fabrics as well as trial sized paints and other essentials.

3. A personalized or monogrammed gadget accessory


Universally awesome, but especially for the lady who loves her things labelled. It’s inexpensive and adorable but looks super thoughtful and stylish.

4. A cool jewelry organizer


This is another thing you can actually make yourself, but they do sell them for a relatively good price around the web (personally haven’t seen any as awesome as the one above at stores IRL but let me know if you do).

5. Oil and acrylic paintbrushes (and paints)


Even if she’s not really big into art, DIY-obsessed gals will always need paintbrushes for all their mason jars and chalkboard painting.

6. A wine glass that YOU can DIY


Really cute, really easy, and the more handmade it is, the more they’ll appreciate it.

7. A frame of their favorite quote on dictionary paper


An easy but adorable way to melt her heart by doing something meaningful that’s also practical home decor.

8. “Three Projects In A Box” kit


This is super awesome– it comes with the supplies needed to make three crafts: painted light switches, picture frames, etc. You can purchase a pre-made kit or put one together yourself.

9. Monogrammed/personalized notebook.


A beautiful and personal gift so they look ultra chic at the next office meeting.

10. Something to spice up their workplace/desk like an artistic calendar


Make sure their love for unique decor spans far beyond their home this season– check out these awesome (and some hand-made) calendars for the working girl who needs a cubicle style update. TC Mark

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