7 Reasons The Worst Thing You Can Call A Girl Is “Crazy”


1. It’s dismissive of their experience. It’s a way to shrug off whatever empathy you should have by blaming them for what they are going through.

2. It’s associated with being anything other than demure and quiet, which we are then equating to the mentally insane.

3. It’s a phrase we use to denote that a girl is out of our realm of understanding– we can’t see why she would do something, so she’s crazy. Misunderstanding someone is not an excuse for equating someone to being mentally unstable.

4. It’s a way to make the person calling someone else crazy seem like they are the one who is the victim– poor them. They have to deal with this crazy girl! Well, if she’s having a strong reaction to something, why? Was it something you did? If she is acting out abnormally or maybe even irrationally, what’s the underlying reason? It just gives people an “out,” especially when they are involved with the situation in some way.

5. Because ultimately, nobody is that kind of “crazy” (not the legitimately mentally unstable kind) unless their circumstances lead them to be. And if they are already in a place that has them acting out impulsively and negatively, the last thing they need is to be regarded as the “other” because of it.

6. A big personality does not mean “crazy.” It means you don’t know how to relate to someone who is more forward than you are. Someone who is more open to people. That doesn’t make someone “crazy.” That makes someone brave.

7. Most importantly, when you are going through something that is truly difficult, that has you on your last nerve every other minute, that you act out on in that “crazy” way and then go home and cry because you really didn’t mean to, the last thing you are going to want to hear is that someone is rolling their eyes at an experience that is very real and very hurtful for you. That’s the most important thing to consider the next time you go about dismissing someone because they’re just a crazy girl. You wouldn’t want to be called that if you were the one in her shoes. TC Mark

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