15 Hilariously Wonderful Hannah Hart Quotes To Remind You Why You Internet

That’s the whole point of brunch… so you get drunk in the morning. I just call that morning.
Nobody is wired wrong, because there’s no wrong and right in the way we are.
But really people are responsible for their own reactions/feelings and can’t go away blaming others with “YOU MAKE ME FEEL….” when they should really be saying “I FEEL…” because it gives them ownership over their own selves as opposed to constantly holding another accountable for their own happiness.
All day I look forward to going to sleep and then Tumblr happens.
Let’s take the example of telling your parents that you are an ‘artist’ and maybe you’ve been an artist your whole life and you’ve only now realized that you were born this way and you are an artist and you are going to pursue art and make beautiful art… with the person that you love.
Omelette you finish…
Do you watch Dr. Who at all? (Nope). Well that pretty much exhausts all of my conversational skills then.
Now this is the worst part… where we cook and don’t just get drunk.
Here’s a pet peeve of mine… I hate when guys say ‘I could drink you under the table’ I HAVE been drinking under the table.
This avocado is weird. Is it weird on the inside? You won’t know until you’ve dated it for like a month.
Unless homos and unborn babies are going to somehow solve our economic/energy crisis, I’d like to stop hearing about them so damn much.
You don’t need to worry about instructions and their words.
What’d we learn on Drunk Kitchen today? Not a lot.
Do you ever feel like your cat is judging you? *Nods* Yeah.
I have a freckle in my eye. Can you see it? Is this good… is this pleasant for you? I also have one at the end of my nose… This is all very relevant for cooking.
image – My Harto

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