10 Ways Finding A Job Is Like Finding A Boyfriend

1. We aim to be our “best self” 

If you haven’t already been given this cliche, cheesy advice, here is it: you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. You can’t sell yourself to a recruiter (or crush) if you don’t believe in what you have to offer.

 2. Network, network, network

It’s all about who you know. 90% of people find jobs through connections they already have, and most people don’t date complete strangers.

3. The importance of building the perfect resume

A professional resume is a page or two of your accomplishments, achievements, and experiences. Imagine your personal resume as your hobbies, interests, goals, and aspirations. No one wants to date (or hire) someone with a boring or unfinished resume.

4. Finding leads

A job lead and relationship lead are one in the same. You’ve been put in contact with someone, you’re starting to get to know each other, and you’re aiming to impress them enough to move to the next step in the process.

5. Job requirements

We set standards whether it’s looking for a job that is full-time, in a specific location, and pays well or a boy that is athletic, successful, and living in the same city. If the job (or guy) doesn’t meet our requirements, we might not even bother applying.

6. Interview skills are key

The more first dates I go on, the more I realize how much they are like interviews. We dress our best, plan out answers to questions, and most importantly, research the company.

7. Researching The Company 

I once went on a first date and the guy told me, “I purposely didn’t friend request you on Facebook because I didn’t want you to stalk me before our date.” Like it or not, its expected that we research the person (or company) we’re going to spend the next couple of hours with.

8. Past experience

Unavoidably, our past experiences affect our future experiences. What we learn from our internships, jobs, and classes help us become more marketable employees. What we learn from our past relationships help us become better partners, make better relationship decisions, and know exactly what we’re looking for in a guy.

9. Extra-curricular activities 

Whether it’s meeting a future co-worker or future partner, extra-curricular activities are a good place to connect with people that might end up changing our lives.

10. Fighting for that promotion

So you have the job (or relationship) you’ve always wanted and now you want more. Whether you’re fighting for a promotion or for the next step in your relationship, it’s all about becoming closer, making an impression, and doing a good job (take that as you will). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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