How To Master Your Mindset And Become A Super-Achiever

We all know those people–the ones who somehow are able to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, effortlessly overcoming the obstacles that would send most folks directly to the comforts of their couch in commiseration. Were those super-achievers just born with some secret sauce of unwavering determination, or was it actually cultivated over time? What allows some to fail and others to succeed even against outrageous odds?

I believe it comes down to one thing: mastering your mindset.

So what’s involved in this borderline cliché observation? Super-achievers share an empowered mindset of conviction and accountability. They abolish limiting beliefs and have a “why” that is stronger than Schwarzenegger. Luckily for us, you aren’t destined for a lackluster life of mediocre accomplishments because this mindset can be learned.

Mastering your mindset can be broken down into two parts:


Self-doubt creeps into your mind like a silent-but-deadly crop dusting at a crowded party. At first, it’s too subtle to notice, but then, suddenly, it consumes the air around you and it’s hard to breathe.

We must learn to guard our minds against the ever-persistent and incredibly damaging doubt that arises whenever we attempt to dream big. Self-doubt can rear its nasty little head in many ways: excuses, comparison, limiting self-talk, etc. It’s an unavoidable part of the journey towards any big dream.

Rather than trying to resist the inevitable, it’s best to overcome self-doubt through some slightly airy-fairy woowooery. Observe the limiting thoughts with curiosity and compassion as a way to distance yourself from them enough so that you can see them for what they really are: shitty attempts at protecting your weak psyche. Thank them for their concern, and then replace them with empowering thoughts that will better serve you. Think of how you would pump up a dear friend who was doubtful and use that same pep talk on yourself.

Limiting thoughts are your mind’s attempt to protect you from future disappointment and keep you comfortably safe. The intention is pure, but the implementation blows. Fortunately, when you mindfully acknowledge your thoughts and then replace them with thoughts of empowered determination, they will eventually start to stick and the self-sabotage will begin to subside.


Pretty much any “how” is possible if you have a strong enough “why.” Super-achievers know why they must accomplish their goal. They believe in it with absolute conviction because they transformed it from a lackluster wish into a vivid, specific statement of proof. They have visualized what the accomplishment of that goal would look like in great detail and have a massive list of benefits that will come with its achievement.

Most of us fall short because we come up with our goals without fully envisioning all of the reasons why it is important to us and what it will provide us with. If we don’t have strong reasons why, then there is no chance we will overcome the many challenges we’re guaranteed to face along the way.

For example, let’s say you are one of the 50% of Americans who set the New Year’s resolution of exercising more.

In order to achieve that goal, you’ll have to know why you want it. What will exercising more provide you with? Is it just some bangin’ beach-ready bod? If you just have a single, slightly superficial reason, chances are that after about a month of attempting to make progress the excuses and setbacks will start to show up and you’ll begin convincing yourself that bikinis are overrated and muumuus are better at protecting your skin from the sun anyway.

So what would a compelling why look like? Exercising more would help you to live longer so that you can be there for your family. It will set an example of the importance of healthy living for your loved ones. You’ll have mobility on your side when you’re a silverback fogey and won’t have the challenge of not being able to get off the couch without breaking a sweat. You’ll be stronger, more confident, have more energy, and be able to let your skin suit achieve its full potential.

When you stack up as many benefits as you can and visualize them as though you’ve already achieved them, you will be able to face challenges with relentless perseverance.

Super-achievers are masters of their mindset. They know that in a world full of uncontrollable factors, the only things they can actually control are their attitude and their effort. They take 100% responsibility for themselves and recognize that if they have the ability to dream it, they have the ability to do it. They believe with absolute conviction that they are capable of accomplishing whatever they set their mind to. They have replaced limiting thoughts with empowering beliefs and know their why is worth the effort. This enables them to forge onward, taking action and making progress until they inevitably arrive at their destination.

Super-achievers are not born, they are made one decision at a time by choosing to bet on themselves against insane odds over and over again.

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