A Short List Of Things I Believe In

I believe in kisses that stop time
And moments of clarity that slice through doubt.

I believe in the sand and how it is crafted from the sea
Waves crashing for thousands of years
The tides moving in the rhythm of the moon
Despite her craters.

I believe in starry skies
And when the solar system aligns
To cast a perfectly calculated shadow to eclipse the earth.

I believe in the first sip of coffee that warms up my mind
And the comfortable feeling of trusting in the divine
In the aromas of deja vu that submerge me in some forgotten time.

I believe in the songs of birds
And the way flowers bloom that seem to reach out to my soul
Their petals unfolding shyly
Coaxed open by warm sunshine.

I believe in my breath
And how it is automatic
But when practiced with awareness
Heals the holes in my heart that have perished.

I believe in magnetic pulls
That guide me where my energy needs to go
Like when I lose the remote control
Or my phone freezing up my endless scroll
To make me get up and run wild through the woods
To allow my mind to just let go.

I believe in signs to show me the road
And not fighting what I can’t control
Like how watching your eyes ignite
Makes me have to write.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark