Dear Peaches Geldof, We’re Going To Miss You

Peaches Geldof is dead at the young age of 25.

When I heard this, I was shocked.

The last few years she’d gotten married and had two sons. She seemed to be cleaning up her act.

When I first got to know Peaches, was when those naked photos of her were leaked onto the internet of her laying in a bed; her daisy vine tattoo crawling up her plump figure.

Peaches represented in my eyes, a disillusioned girl with a tragic past that managed to find love and gather her life. Peaches mother died from a heroin overdose when she was but a child, and reports say she didn’t start coping with that loss until she was sixteen.

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You can imagine how difficult that must have been as a young woman to grow up without the guidance of their mother. Especially since she was from an illustrious british family in the public eye.

She managed to find a passion in fashion and styling, which is why most fashion bloggers should know who she is, and most admire her in one way or another.

She seemed to overcome all the dark challenges of growing up, and was able to transform into a beautiful woman, loving wife, and mother. She went down the path many young girls do, and came out the other side.

Unfortunately, the end of her road was much too short. She will be remembered by many; and perhaps that can be of some solace to her family, friends, and fans. For her children however, the past has seemingly repeated itself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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