I Want To Dress Sexy For Halloween

I want to dress sexy for Halloween. I don’t think a woman should dress solely to please a man or to please a man at all — I think a woman should just, very simply, dress as she wants.

And here’s the thing — I want to dress sexy for Halloween. I want. Me. Hear me out: I’m not interested in male attention (I have some special male attention right now which is pretty sweet, and I got it without wearing assless chaps). I’m not going to dress sexy for Halloween because I feel like that’s the best way to get approval from guys, or to be “sexy” in the eyes of man. Dammit, I have a brain, and I work it everyday in an attempt to be my version of sexy (which, admittedly, revolves around reading and video games).

I want to dress sexy for Halloween because I want to indulge in my own fantasy. Fair enough that it might be someone else’s fantasy, too — but that’s not why I want to do it. I want to do it because I spend 364 days of the year dressed like a regular person. I keep my legs and my boobs relatively concealed for the most part, and, as I already mentioned, I tend to focus on sexy as a non-bodily concept. But sexy is allowed to be about bodies as well. And I’m allowed to find my body sexy, and decorate it accordingly.

So here we go. I want to embrace my young body for one night of the year. I want to wear something tight and revealing and ludicrous that involves simply putting the word sexy in front of a noun. I want to be a sexy parakeet. Or a sexy Chinese food. Hell, I’ll be a sexy desk if there’s a costume for that. And you know what? I don’t care if anyone else thinks I look sexy or not. I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, “Yeah girl, you look like a damn fine. I’d totally tap that!”

It’s narcissistic and indulgent, but I don’t care. I’m not doing it to hook up, I’m doing it because I want to look like the bootylicious babe I’ve never been for just one night. I want to see my own body as a sex object from time-to-time, because personally, I find a raunchy outfit acts as a potent aphrodisiac — FOR MYSELF.

I don’t want to be judged for fulfilling a fun fantasy. And by George! I will fulfill it! Halloween is meant to be raucous and revealing, and I’m free to go as I choose, without you calling me moronic or pandering. I can be sexy however I want, on whatever occasion I want, so there. Sexy victory lap pending. TC mark

image – Yandy.com

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612928768 Samie Rose

    I didn’t know that TC was now publishing press releases on the behalf of their editor’s egos. Cool.

    • Lauren


    • Anonymous

      …You do realize the site is called THOUGHT Catalogue, right? A piece on why she thinks it’s okay to dress sexy on Halloween is perfectly okay, and appropriate.

  • mookie

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  • Rae

     Said better here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPPsf-Mi8FY&feature=share  

  • Marthabuca

    I’m with you!


    I know exactly what you mean, and forget the people who will boo this article. Feeling sexy equates to feeling confident… that is how our society has been built for female youth. I hate seeing young girls running around in pants that barely jump the threshold from underwear to acceptable public clothing, but once and a while, what’s wrong with it? There aren’t enough confident young girls around, and those who look confident by wearing skimpy clothing actually are the least so. Love your inner self, and once you do, show it!  

    • Asherbartch

      If your confidence stems from positive attention received when baring your assets vs the strength of your personality, etc, isn’t that the wrong kind of confidence to be building if you lack it in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    Whatever justification girls need to use to dress the way they do on Halloween is fine by me. Just keep dressing that way.


    slut much?

    • Pepper

      Excuse me? Are you seriously saying that because she likes her body and enjoys dressing in a radically different way, and specifically says that it is NOT for male attention, that she is a slut? Hell, “slut” means “sexually promiscuous.” Dressing in a different way that makes you feel good about your body, and fulfilling a fantasy of yours to look completely different, is COMPLETELY different from enjoying lots of sex, which, by the way, is NOT a bad thing, AND it’s her own fucking business, not yours. Clearly you didn’t even read the whole article, by the way, since she pretty clearly says that it’s an aphrodisiac for herself, and she also implies that she’s romantically involved with someone. It’s pretty obvious that you saw that she wanted to dress sexily for a holiday and reacted immediately with “slut.”

      Yep, I’m mad and I’m going to show it. Don’t be ignorant and don’t slut-shame, because it makes you look pretty damn pathetic yourself. End of story. 

      • Guest

        i don’t believe for one second that it isn’t for male attention…or just for attention in general.

      • Guest

        Stellar observation. Who cares?

  • Mage

    This is a great article! There’s no need to make anyone feel ashamed for dressing sexy–ever!
     It’s too bad that the photo which was selected for your article includes a racist costume. Sigh.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathon-Ferrari/100001319787228 Jonathon Ferrari

      A box of chinese food is racist?

    • Guest


  • http://www.nosexcity.com NoSexCity

    Even if you were doing it to hook up, who the hell cares?

    • http://twitter.com/mung_beans Mung Beans


  • best guest

    Normally, I would tear this apart. But I hear you, Kat. I hear you loud and clear. 

    Last weekend I went to party dressed as biblical Eve. Basically, I wore an underwear set that I had sewn silk leaves onto. This was totally out of character, and a very invigorating experience. It was this first time in a long time I had worn something other than long, shapeless layers. It was my announcement to others that I have a body, and a reminder to myself that I really like my body. Interesting things happen when you take your clothes off… interesting things, indeed. 

  • nicknack

    ” I tend to focus on sexy as a non-bodily concept. But sexy is allowed to be about bodies as well. And I’m allowed to find my body sexy, and decorate it accordingly.” 


    • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.n.knutson Sarah N. Knutson

      SO AGREED.

  • Guest

    I think girls should dress CUTE for halloween – http://ibishcomedy.com/words/2011/10/cute-halloween-costume-ideas/

    • Notrubharass

      Ummm… sometimes cute is just as stupid as sexy, GUEST. Especially with those ideas…

      • Guest

        Yep, that’s the idea

  • Scottie

    Kat George i expect weird things from you then post-third wave feminism

    • Guest

      post-third wave feminism is a crock of shit

  • http://fastfoodies.org Briana

    be a sexy fart
    or a sexy greek girl-stache


  • guest

    jeez get off your ivory tower and admit its for males attention

    • Guest

       if anyone wants to affirm your sexiness, it can easily be done in the privacy of their own bedroom.  taking it out in public clearly isn’t all about YOU anymore..

  • Guest

    the gig is up…if you’re wearing it out, it IS for attention.

  • Guest

    the whole article is just a defense for wanting to dress sexy. if you are so confident about dressing sexy, then why so defensive?..

  • Anonymous
  • http://twitter.com/mung_beans Mung Beans

    “the bootylicious babe I’ve never been”

    oh fucking please, you’re clearly hot, just deal with it

    • Guest

      that is exactly what she wanted someone to tell her. bravo!

  • HP

    Sorry but your whole argument is moot because where do we get our ideas of sexy? From the fashion industry. And who RUNS the fashion industry? MEN. No matter what you say at the end of the day, your concept of sexy (pushup bra, legs out, heels, short skirts, etc.) that is what fashion has told us is sexy! No woman in their right mind would ever wear heels if they didn’t have to, or a really short skirt. Women’s clothes by nature are designed to accentuate certain areas: boobs, hips, legs and ass. 

    You can dress how ever you want for Halloween but don’t act like you’re dressing how you want to, you’re dressing how you’ve been programmed to dress as a woman. How women have been programmed to dress since clothes were invented. 

    I have big boobs and I wear pushup bras with cleavage revealing shirts because, guess what, I like the attention and having a nice rack has definitely gotten me benefits. At least I can admit to doing it and not try to hide behind some fake feminism because I’m not comfortable enough to admit that I both like and want the male attention.

    • Jay

      You’re making a broad assumption that ALL women are helplessly “programmed to dress” by the men who apparently run the fashion industry. You might find it hard to imagine that some women actually do dress for themselves, environmental and social influences aside. Kat recognizes these, and says “fuck it, I still dress to please me.”
      You realize that Anna Wintour is like the reigning queen of Vogue, the fashion bible? How many couture designers are women? Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenburg?
      Ignorant generalizations aside, I find it funny that you call Kat a fake feminist. What are you trying to be? Oh, wait…a helpless victim of patriarchal conditioning. Get over yourself. Some women embrace the fact that they can rise above a male-dominated society. You’ll never be able to get anywhere since all you focus on is the attention that your hot rack gets.

      • best guest

        Hear, hear 

        To add, the type of men that are “running” the fashion industry are not the type of men that would sexually idealize women. The type of men that are running the porn industry, on the other hand…

      • Guest

        …are you kidding me? yes, they are the type of men that would sexually idealize women. look at advertising, fucking moron. not to mention, do you know anything about the fashion world? it is all about sex.  male photographers are well known for being pervy and making models suck their dicks. you clearly know nothing about anything if you think the fashion industry isn’t corrupted and immoral.

      • Jenesuispasmorrissey

        Lol. You are insane.

      • best guest

        Do the models that are closing shows really have fuckable body types by conventional, sexualized standards? Waif-like and tall and lanky? No? That’s because they’re not the buxom, voluptuous women they are sexually idealized by men. They are chosen because they look beautiful in clothing, because they do not distract from the structural and artful components of fashion. NOT so people can imagine they naked. 

      • Guest

        …they are still featured in sexual advertisements. you really are a moron if you don’t think that all women are sexualized regardless of their “tall, lanky bodies”…

      • Guest

        not to mention, you forgot to take into account that not all fashion is high fashion.  the tall, lanky bodies you are thinking of are high fashion models.  NOT ALL FASHION IS “HIGH” FASHION, IDIOT

      • Guest

        how is dressing with your tits and ass hanging out “rising above a male-dominated society”…?

      • Guest

        HP is right. Also, you forgot to take into account that fashion and advertising are intertwined and always will be. There may be females in both industries, but ultimately they are male-dominated, male desires.

      • Guest

        Kat isn’t rising above male-dominated society by dressing in costumes that were clearly made by men.  She is bowing to it.

      • Guest

        Vogue doesn’t sexualize women?

  • http://www.facebook.com/wingedthing Leigh Alexander

    when are you people going to figure out that feminism has nothing to do with policing other women’s clothes

    feminism = you dont get to tell me what a woman should and shouldn’t do. the end. 

    wear whatever you want kat, have fun 

  • Megan

    I feel like….I kinda get where she’s coming from.  I’ve viewed the girls who were scantily and scandalously dressed on Halloween with judging eyes; I’ve thought they were “attention whores”, I’ve considered them to look “slutty”.  But then I saw the creeps they were attracting and realized the creeps creepin’ are the creeps who creep every other day anyway.

    I feel like the women that dress that way on Halloween are  showing cleavage and wearing miniskirts year round.  So to see them in a ridiculous costume that makes no sense at all, say, a “Sexy Fire Fighter” or “Sexy Bee”, is not out of the ordinary.  In college for instance, the “Sexy Angel” and “Sexy Kitten” were itty bitty girls with less than classy reputations.  I didn’t want to be one of those girls viewed that way, so I didn’t wear costumes like that.  But they didn’t mind it, and I believe they dressed in provocative outfits 364 days anyway so what’s another day where they could just be something weird yet sexy, like a “Sexy Zombie” (is that even posssible???).

    But the time that is post-college/beginning of the career/mid-twenties +, I for one do not really encounter anyone dressing too revealing.  Sure last year a girl walked into the party I was at wearing a skin tight Spiderman costume with heels, but she was an airhead who thought she was the hottest thing since Ryan Gosling.  I personally thought she looked stupid because everyone knows Spiderman is a) Peter Parker, a dude b) wouldn’t wear stilletos scaling a building, duh.

    This year I’m going as a cowgirl.  Does that costume have a slight innuendo to it?  It could and I’m sure I’ll go along with any fresh/sexy comments.  I have a pink cowgirl hat and a horse head on a stick that I WILL be galloping on, but it’ll be funny as well as cute because I intend to dress up the costume.  Am I being hypocritical because cowgirls don’t wear pink and curl their hair?  Probably.  But I curl my hair and do my makeup year round.  I actually hate country music and will never enjoy it, but I’m going as a cowgirl/country fan because I can be whatever I want.

    If Kat George wants to be a “Sexy Tree”, well she has one night out of the year to do so without reason to.  The point I’m making is, there’s a difference between people who dress sexy all the time and then are something sexy every Halloween.  If we are by society’s standards “normal” most of the time and decide to dress sexy on October 31st, we are acting and playing a part, and if she were my friend I’d probably say “You go girl”. 

    • Guest

      the only problem with her wanting to dress this way is that she have this fake power trip about it, that it’s for “her” and not for anyone else. if she really wanted to dress sexy for her, she wouldn’t feel the need to wear it in public. duh.

  • Guest

    “Halloween is meant to be raucous and revealing” Uhm No. Its supposed to be scary. You want revealing? Go for a pyjama party. :)

  • Clopek

    The fact that it’s out in public nullifies your entire shtick about it being “for you”. It’s not for you. If it was for you, you’d do it at home, whenever you felt. Dressing sexy on halloween will never be “for you”, because as soon as you step out into a public forum, on an event that’s totally about being seen by others, your decision to look a certain way starts being influenced by the way others will perceive you. You even allude to this in your article.

    ‘I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, “Yeah girl, you look like a damn fine. I’d totally tap that!”’

    Cool, do it. Find yourself sexy. Putting on a costume and showboating around town is not the same as being at home and being happy with the way you look.

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