Some Questions I Have About Lana Del Rey

With all the hype surrounding Lana Del Rey right now there are a million and one questions rushing through my brain, primarily–is she a fairy? When “Video Games” moved something inside me, I was all like, “Yeah, I bet she’s totally a fairy.” Here are some more questions that have crossed my mind.

Is she magic?

Is she for real?

Is she actually authentic or is she just the product of a very well-hidden but awesome PR team?

Can one even be so amazing without being completely manufactured?

And if she is naturally that amazing, god damn her? (That wasn’t really a question, but I had to make it one because the whole premise of this article is asking questions)

Why am I not Lana Del Rey?

How does she get her hair to make those amazing, swoopy curls?

Was Lizzy Grant a closet Mouseketeer?

Was Lizzy Grant prom queen?

Do you think she was in beauty pageants?

Why is “Video Games” making me feel funny but good funny?

How is it that something stirs in everyone’s belly when they hear “Video Games”?

Has “Video Games” made Disney whimsy dark and relevant?

Do you think anyone in their right mind would actually reject Lana Del Rey?

Does anyone not love Lana Del Rey right now?

Does anyone not believe the hype around Lana Del Rey right now?

She’s pretty emo about her feelings–do you think she’d like to come and write for Thought Catalog?

Are you as annoyed as I am that she is both younger and way more awesome than everyone?

How many times and for how many songs can she make the same video before people get bored?

Are her lips real? (Don’t be righteous/ pretend you haven’t asked yourself the exact same thing)

Is she some secretly evil evangelist who believes in polygamy and hates gays?

Is she purposefully making me suspicious that she might be a hardcore evangelist because she’s actually a really savvy hipster who likes things likes “irony” and “postmodernism”?

Or has she just been watching too much True Blood?

Is Lana Del Rey glamouring us?

Do I watch too much True Blood?

Will we be able to survive if she doesn’t live up to the hype?

If a watched pot never boils, and Lana Del Rey is “the one to watch,” do you think she’ll ever boil? TC mark


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  • Emma

    Do you think she’d do a Little Mermaid-type deal, and she can have my feet and I’ll take her voice?

  • Mashka

    I don’t know if this should qualify as a legitimate article. . .  it’s more of a fangirl ramble that I’d find on livejournal.

    That being said, Lana del Rey is a babe with an enchanting voice, that can’t be denied.

  • Morrisseysadnotvangoghsad

    Hahahaha I did ask myself if her lips are real, I still do. To the obsessive point of trying to find pictures of her from like 2008, to no success. Video Games is one of those songs which you think is about to sound like coffee shop music, then its three minutes later and you feel like your head and soul have been consumed by something ethereal. I like the clash of sound and image, but yeah I wanna know about those lips 

  • eff sox
    • Morrisseysadnotvangoghsad

      Hah hahah she REALLY looks like Heidi Montag pre surgery in one pic. It’s shallow I’m at work in London. This aside …I do love the stuff I’ve heard though

  • Iwantmyemteevee
    • Avant garde a clue

      Wow and people say thoughtcatalog is bitchy

      • Kat

        Hipster Runoff is a joke. 

      • 371747

        “people”  “say”

  • I Farted

    Hahaha excellent.

    But let me answer your last question, with another question: how many abidiginals do you see modelling?

  • Nicholas Minnick

    I think she’s completely phoney. And this article is a total ripoff of hipster runoff. At least you stopped short of commenting on her perfect alternative breasts

  • Stefanie J

    If you want to know if she’s the real deal, watch her old video for Kill Kill and an old performance from when she was still “Lizzy Grant”. I feel like the weirdness proves she’s legit? Idk.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=35f3347ae1cff518&biw=1280&bih=685

  • Julian Galette

    1. Who? 2. Is she related to Bosco Delrey?

  • Arom Choe

    she is so fooiine. idc if her nose/lips/boobs/life are/is fake.

  • Iwantmyemteevee

    I have questions, too. Did my earlier comment  get removed for pointing out that Hipster Runoff already did this article — and now I’ll add — better? Dang gurl. 

    • Michael

      hipster run off? That article was shit, totally idiotic and resentful. Bet you work for them….

    • AOL

      not to mention poorly written. This guy is a dope.

  • NoSexCity

    I still have no idea who this person is or what they do, despite having read this article and read the first five things that popped up when I Googled her.

  • Mari

    she is a very sensitive ,smart,   delightful young woman who has worked and believed in her music tirelessly . She shares it with all of us because she is a musician…she is NOT about fame etc…this i know for sure.

  • Mari

    she is a very sensitive ,smart,   delightful young woman who has worked and believed in her music tirelessly . She shares it with all of us because she is a musician…she is NOT about fame etc…this i know for sure.

  • Larry Del Rey

    In my imagination, St. Vincent is the wifey and Lana Del Rey is the woman who tempts me away from her. I’m torn between the two. Lips aside though, her music is actually pretty good. Not a fan of this ‘article’  but given my trashy comment, it seems she has this effect on people

    • Bullshit

      in your imagination you are a moron

  • Ashley

    feels like this article’s purpose was to generate more artificial buzz

  • Leah Creason

    Thank you. I live under a rock and I had no idea who she was. Also, I love you Kat

  • Rayan Khayat

    I was just thinking today, a few hours ago, if someone was going to write something about her on TC. No fucking lie.

  • Butthead

    Got bored. Made a literal video for Video Games.

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