7 Reasons Why They Should Bring Back Firefly

Aside from the very obvious, “because they just should,” and the even more glaring “because it’s the best TV show ever apart from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,” here are seven more, by no means extensive or sole, reasons why they (and by ‘they’ I mean ‘The Man’) should bring back Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

1. Nathan Fillion

If you’re anything like me it took you all of 30 seconds to forget about Caleb and melt into a blathering pile of “hot-diggity-damn Captain Mal, I surely would like to holster your weapon!” wet stuff. Sure he’s a total gun-slinging babe, tough as hell with a ruffian mischievousness and a wise-cracking resilient attitude that I’m a sucker for, but it’s that absolute-asshole-with-a-hidden-heart-of-gold shtick that gets me every time. BRING CAPTAIN MAL BACK!

2. The possibility of some really hot Inara-on-Captain Mal action

14 episodes worth of palpable sexual tension surely isn’t enough. I need closure—in the form of earth shattering, heart rendering, kinky-as-cream-pie sex between Captain Mal and Inara. Nay, I deserve closure, we all do. And boobies. BRING INARA AND CAPTAIN MAL BACK AND MAKE THEM SEX!

3. While my one track mind is positioned dangerously below the navel…

Kaylee and Simon doing it in the engine room. I’m just sayin’. If there was ever a cliff hanger relationship Kaylee and Simon are as much of a clanger as Inara and Captain Mal, but maybe even more so, because you get the distinct sense that Kaylee and Simon could really be something, whereas The Captain and Inara are doomed from the outset (which doesn’t preclude them from hot sex scenes, see above). BRING BACK KAYLEE AND SIMON!

4. Who better to bust genres than the master of genre busting?

Everyone’s doing it—Vampires from the deep South who are really transgender robots in an archaic Feudal society where everyone is a secret drug dealer with added comedy and coming-of-age poignancy not to mention threats of extra-terrestrial violence, plus, have you seen that hot guy with his shirt off?! Jokes aside, there’s some good TV out there, but no one marries genres quite like King Whedon. For a trend that has befuddled most and pervaded screens shamelessly since Buffy (I’m not attributing Buffy to creating the trend, I’m just saying, in terms of precursory pop culture I think Buffy was important in terms of conceptualising and defining genre bending trends), successful genre busting is a rare gift an no one manages to immerse dialogue, plot and mise en scène in multiple genres like Joss Whedon. BRING BACK AMERICAN-CHINESE CULTURAL CLASHING AND SPACE WESTERN THEMES!

5. Who is River Tam?

I’m not satisfied with the extent of revelations concerning River. OK, so now she’s a lethal fighting machine—there’s a whole future of stories that can play into this. I mean, is Captain Mal going to harness her powers for good? Is she going to accidentally hurt someone she loves? Will she be able to escape The Hands Of Blue? Who are The Hands Of Blue? What really happened to her before Simon saved her? Will she ever fall in love? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, BRING BACK RIVER!

6. The fans

There are still so many Firefly fans. You might not know it, but they’re everywhere—passing you in the supermarket, drinking a beer next to you at the bar, jogging on an adjacent treadmill at your local gym—they’re as innocuous as your upstairs neighbour but they’re there, seething and laying in a constant anticipatory wait. They’re quiet, marginalized and disenfranchised, but they are large in number and fervent in their passion, all with their very own list of reasons as to why Firefly should be bought back, so watch out—the Firefly fan will rise again. Loyal fans everywhere are still holding onto a dream—and why shouldn’t they?—a dream that the Whedonverse will once again crack open, and the good ship Serenity will cruise across its fractured, mythical skies. BRING BACK FIREFLY!

7. Serenity 2

Serenity ended in a cliff-hanger, wide open for a sequel. While those who don’t love Firefly didn’t necessarily ‘get’ Serenity, it was still fairly successful with positive reviews, a few awards and combined box office and DVD sales repaying budget. Serenity 2: Still Rivers Run Deep (do you like my catchy title?) would be a great precursor to the next installment of Firefly episodes, and could very well recruit some new fans to the Firefly fold with some much-warranted hype. BRING BACK SERENITYTC mark


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363230138 Michael Koh

    I love Firefly. I want it all on DVD.

  • imm


  • joe

    vaguely feel like thought catalog is dead now that there is an article on why we should bring back firefly.

    • Menotyou

      its a catalog of random thoughts. deep , shallow, dumb , great but all thoughts so if you dont like the content put your energy towards writing the “Deep” thought you think everyone wants to read about!

  • http://brianmcelmurry.blogspot.com/ Brian McElmurry

    You know, Simon was super clueless. Kaylee was super cute, quirky and freaky. You know, if you’re being chased across the universe, and every episode almost dying. I’d be like you’re cute, quirky and freaky, and you really know your way around the engine room, why don’t we….  And the Mel and Inara was a doomed relationship to happen, but yr right on the sexin’. But I thought Mel could be the one for Inara in a way… mad sexual tension.

    • http://halooverride.blogspot.com/ Halo_Override

      I was going to see if I could google up some Kaylee/Simon/River slash, and then I thought about it again and decided not to. True story.

  • Joblo

    It’s Captain MAL, not Mel.

  • http://twitter.com/cream_dreamz Stephanie Jones

    I wish Firefly was never cancelled so I never had to hear everyone suck its dick so hard. 

  • http://twitter.com/asmitavadali Asmita Vadali

    I want to write “Why they should bring back Arrested Development”, but I’m too lazy.

    • guest lol


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=300901223 Nicolette Beach

      You’re not alone. The writers of the AD movie are too lazy too. Hurry up, people!

    • guest

      This this this this this. 

    • guest

      This this this this this. 

  • http://twitter.com/galette_rois Julian Galette

    Kat George is the new Felicia Day

  • http://halooverride.blogspot.com/ Halo_Override

    8. Castle, despite its charms, is kinda meh.

    • Niki Wong

      True, but people will still watch it addictively for Nathan Fillion. Or maybe Stana Katic.

      Teensy proplem though… Captain Tightpants might no longer actually look quite so good in those, well, tight pants.

      • http://halooverride.blogspot.com/ Halo_Override

        He’s filling out a bit, but cut him some slack — he finally has a gig that’s lasting long enough to put on a little winter weight…

        (And yes, I watch it as a bit of a guilty pleasure, for both the Castle/Beckett pairing and for Ryan/Esposito. The stories themselves have been hit-and-miss since the start of season two.) 

      • REL

        I would still wanna see him in those tight pants.

  • wobbly-headed doll

    These 7 reasons were so lame & uninformed i thought it must be just a random fan who had posted themselves to Whedonesque. But then i had a look at what TC is About & was stunned. i hope they didn’t pay you for this.

    1. Thought Catalog is illuminating and informative.

    3. TC contributors are smart. They’re at the vanguard of their respective fields and have published everywhere from The Paris Review to Maxim.
    4. We’re nobrow and nonpartisan. We don’t take any of this or ourselves too seriously. Culture is our politics.

    5. Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting.
    You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the
    mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives.

    I guess the ‘we don’t take it too seriously’ part is right, but informative this is not. i’m sorry to sound like an annoying geek but have you even read the Serenity comics? (they are Whedon & therefore part of the Firefly canon). They address the ‘hands of blue’ issue that is unresolved between the series & the feature. The ‘they’re so hot’ reason is funny once but Firefly has so much more to offer than that! It’s disappointing that you haven’t looked beyond your need to see your favourite characters hook up, to perceive the awesome unexplored potential in the narrative of this group of extraordinary characters in this uniquely Whedon world.

    There are indeed at least 7 very fine reasons to bring back Firefly. Unfortunately, this list offers no ‘new perspectives’ or interesting non-mainstream arguments to support it.

  • Noah Diamond-Stolzman

    One reasons they shouldn’t bring back Firefly:
    1. Joss Whedon doesn’t want to, and said he never will, even if given the opportunity.

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