Match Your Beer To Your Music

It’s officially summer in New York and as an ex-fashion blogger I can tell you that this season’s hottest accessories are beer and music, so make sure you’re matching them otherwise no one will want to be friends with you at parties.

Blue Moon – Phoenix, “Too Young”

If Blue Moon tastes like summer then Phoenix sounds like summer. Drink Blue Moon at a party, listen to Phoenix and talk about Lost In Translation. Be sure to mention that you think opening Somewhere with Love Like A Sunset was gratuitous nepotism but you don’t really care because Sofia Coppola and that guy from Phoenix are like, the indie Beyonce & Jay-Z. Tell stories about how you listened to Phoenix when you were 21 and motor-cylicing across Greece. Look whimsically into the distance.


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  • Ashley

    No shame, I love that Ja Rule song no matter what I'm drinking (as long as I am, in fact, drinking).

    • Katgeorge

      I liked it drinking on my roof last night

      • Falco

        Cool. You're hip.

  • persu

    I'm not going to click all those pages.

    • Guest


    • Katgeorge

      Oh great I'm glad you clarified that, I was actually just about to email you to check.

  • Natters

    All of these beers suck… I was hoping for something better

  • es

    did you mean for this to be the most obnoxious article ever or did it happen by accident

  • alexrax

    “Maybe plank a bit; and huzzah! now you’re an Aussie.” Oh boy, I love you for this. 

    But I don't really know who Daryl Braithwaite is :

  • Erica Statton

    the first two are so spot on ha

  • emma

    why is the williamsburg tag misspelled?

  • duuuude...

    If your going to drop an australian beer reference it should be Victoria Bitter and Paul Kelly (or beasts of bourbon or cold chisel).

    The only reason anyone would have their mind blown by a daryl braithwaite mention is the fact that anyone is seriosly mentioning them outside the context of a cheesy joke.

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