6 Signs You’re A Raver


1. Your playlist mostly consists of EDM

From Hardwell’s Spaceman to Sander van Doorn’s Joy Energizer,  you name it you got it. That’s all you practically listen to every time. May it be in the gym, in the car or a smoke up session with your bros.

2. You can tell what song it is the moment you hear it

You definitely know every beat, every build up and bass drop. When you hear a good mix, you do everything to know the title and the DJ. And yes, even mimicking the beat complete with sound effects making you sound like an utter retard.

3. You get a sense of superiority

You look down upon self proclaimed ravers and you get ticked off when all they know is the Million Voices song or Steve Aoki’s infamous Turbulence. Even Martin Garrix’s Animals is getting too hyped for you. You think Project X is THE most mainstream movie of all time and THE most used reference to every house party.

4. Molly

The raver’s bitch.

5. Raving has changed you as a person

Your preferences and perceptions have definitely changed. You start to choose a different kind of drink than the usual. You’ve grown a bad case of Fomo (fear of missing out) staying in on a Friday and Saturday night is complete torture for you and there’s no way. I repeat, no way that you can’t have plans.

6. You know a rave is the answer to all situations

A heartbreak, a birthday, getting fired, failing a subject or simply just a stress buster from a week’s work. You know there’s no greater feeling than getting turnt’ up with your closest friends, trippy lights and figures flashing like crazy and feeling the music rush through your veins. Nothing compares to the euphoric rush a rave brings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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