The Honest Truth About Post Grad Life

Girl graduating college
Kalen Emsley

If you’ve graduated college, than you understand that post grad life is one big clusterfuck. The emotions you feel are like riding a giant roller coaster; one moment you’re loving the high, and the next you feel like you’re going to puke. It feels like you blinked once, and your college career was over before you really even got the hang of funneling a beer.

Before you know it, you’re beloved apartment that was once decorated with empty bottles that you drank from the night prior is now empty. Your couch that has one too many stains from god knows what is tossed into the dumpster, and tears are slowly rolling down your cheeks as you realize that this is the last time you will be living in an apartment where your roommates encouraged you to go out to the bar Tuesday-Saturday.

And just like that, you’re living in your parents house again. Your Thursday nights have went from ripping Dubra shots at your 7:00 pm pre-game, to watching netflix with your parents. You went from staying up until 3:00 am with your roommates drinking, to having to walk around on your tip toes once 11:00 pm strikes so you don’t wake your family up.

The worst of all, your retail therapy goes from buying cheap bar clothes at Forever 21, to purchasing dress pants, and flats at Banana republic.

Post grad life is a difficult, yet exciting time period to be in. Part of you wants to settle down with the person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, yet the other part of you wants to shotgun keystone’s at frat parties. The angel on your left shoulder is telling you to hurry up, and find the person you’re supposed to marry, but the devil on your right shoulder is telling you to take one more shot than you really should at the bar on a Thursday night.

A lot of pressure comes along with graduating. The pressure of failing. The pressure of disappointing your family, your friends, and even yourself. The pressure of trying to be the very best version of yourself. The pressure of falling in love with the right person. The pressure of nailing your dream job.

With being a recent graduate comes anxiety, and sometimes fear of the unknown. For some reason, we think that we’re supposed to have it all figured out – that we’re supposed to know how to tackle life and how to dodge the obstacles that come our way. But, that thought process is completely wrong. Now is the time to make mistakes. Date the wrong person, and get your heart broken. Work five different jobs until you finally find that one that makes you excited to go to work.

Take chances, and fail. But get back up, and try again.

Find out what makes you happy… besides being able to crack open a Spiked Seltzer at the first day-drink of the season on campus. Really, I mean REALLY, get to know yourself again. Get to know the type of person you are postgrad, and find out the hopes and dreams that person wants.

Post grad life flips your life upside down, without caring if you’re ready for it. And what I learned, is you can either sink or swim. You can be in denial, and not adjust to this new life of yours. You can ignore the fact that you’ve graduated college, and that it’s time to trade in your bar satchel for a brief case. Or, you can grab this new life of yours by the balls, and make it your bitch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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