An Open Letter To Everyone Who Is Graduating (And Getting A Little Nervous About It)

Austin Schmid
Austin Schmid

I know what you’re thinking: “When did all this time go by?” It feels like just yesterday you were moving into your freshman dorm room wondering the same thing, “When did the time go by?” — except referring to high school. Now, junior year is coming to an end and it’s starting to hit you that this time next year, graduation will be right around the corner.

It’s hard to believe that your four years at this college are slowly coming to an end. You’ve made new friends, lost old ones, drank far too much freshman year, and drank even more sophomore year. Then, before the blink of an eye, you’re a junior and suddenly life becomes serious. You start applying for internships, start putting together your class schedule for the last two semesters of college, and start talking about…the “real world.”

Before you get yourself in a panic, just remember something: You still have valuable days until graduation. Those are more days to laugh with your friends, get dragged out to the bar on nights you didn’t want to go (but then ended up having the best time) and create memories that will never be forgotten. Living in the future is what gives people anxiety, so live in the now. Yes, apply for internships, but also go out and drink with your friends. Life may throw difficult obstacles in your way, but it doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them.

Put your school work first, but be able to go out on a Tuesday night and let loose. Don’t be scared to go outside of your comfort zone, and push yourself to do the things you least expected. There is too little time in college to spend it sitting on the couch, and not spend that time with your friends.

Go sky diving with them. Travel Europe with them. Go to a new diner every Sunday morning with them. Go out on Thursday nights with them. But, also have a movie night with them. Cherish every moment left, and don’t let the thought of the future scare you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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