10 Reasons You’re Still The Single One In Your Group Of Friends

image - Flickr / amanda tipton
image – Flickr / amanda tipton

Isn’t it annoyingly weird whenever you’re single, everyone’s into relationships or getting one? It’s like you’re embracing the perks of being single then life throws you daily situations that will make you envious and think “Why the hell am I single?” Here are probably the reasons that would help you figure out why:

1. The past is a good place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay.

You’re still not over the past. Paying a visit to those good old memories isn’t that bad but don’t get lost in it. Don’t stay in there for too long. You’re going to get lost real hard and nobody’s going to look for you and save you. Past is past. Get over it. Stop reading the previous chapter and start writing your next.

2. It’s not the right time.

Ready or not, it’s just not happening. Everything has a reason. You might not get it now but someday, you’ll get it. God has plans and right now, dating is not part that. He’s saving you for someone better and you know it. We all got priorities and dating is the least if you’re single. We got school or work, friends and family. Sometimes it’s hard to manage everything if something adds to your priorities and you’ll lose focus at some point without awareness that a lot has changed and everything wasn’t it was supposed to be.

3. “It’s all about me, myself and I.”

You might be over your ex and got all the time for dating but it’s just not working out. Probably because you’re doing something wrong that you aren’t aware of. You’re being too self-centered. The world doesn’t revolve on you. It’s not just you who has to be pleased and understood. Nobody wants to date someone who’s only cares about him/herself. You have to start thinking about others too! Be sensitive. Everything should be give and take and not taken for granted.

4. “They’re all the same.”

Isn’t it amazing that you realize that they’re all the same? Assuming shit won’t get you any further, honey! Being judged without knowing the whole situation just because similarities were noticed or said doesn’t mean that they’re exactly the same. Though this is your way of thinking but admit it, you hate it when the one you’re flirting with does this to you too. And I bet most of those similarities made them your type. Honestly, this is such a turn off. I know there’s this little hope screaming inside of you saying “prove me wrong.” But sometimes it doesn’t work that way and that could be that death of your fling or whatever.

5. You’re looking for a walking checklist.

Your standards are way too high! The worst part is, yeah if they’re way TOO HIGH FOR YOU! My dream guy is Channing Tatum then the personality would be his role in ‘The Vow’ which isn’t real and I won’t get any of that in life and I’ve accepted that. I mean, it’s okay to have an ideal or dream guy/girl but you got to be realistic when it comes to dating! Even if you live a thousand or million years, you will never find someone perfect. You just got to accept their flaws and make them perfect in their own special way. Everything becomes beautiful once you’ve accepted them and their personality. So far, I’ve dated a lot of ‘Channing Tatum’s because I’ve accepted them in their flaws and made them my very own Channing Tatum.

6. You won’t get everything you want.

They say “If you want it, get it.” but that doesn’t really work that easy and sometimes, that doesn’t really work. Whatever we have, we got it because we deserved it and that’s what’s meant for us. Even though sometimes we worked really hard, it’s just not for us. If you like someone and he/she still doesn’t like you back after everything you’ve done, STOP!!! Don’t force them because you’re making yourself look like an idiot. They don’t deserve you and it’s not meant to be. Just be patient and wait for what you truly deserve.

7. You’re rushing things.

If you’re longing for relationships, there is a high possibility that you easily get attached with anyone that you flirt with. You tend to rush things because you wanted to be in a relationship but based on experience, rushing things won’t change your relationship status. Nope. For fresh flings, being clingy would either make it or break it. But mostly, it breaks it. Take things slow cause everything takes time. Just go with the flow and don’t rush things because everything will fall into place when it’s time.

8. Punishing the present because of the past.

You learn from the past and apply the lessons of yesterday in your life. These lessons make you wiser but don’t punish what’s in front of you now just because of what happened in the past. Just because you got hurt before means you’ll take revenge on the present or the future. A lot of players had been cheated when they were serious that’s why they became players. Don’t do the same thing. Always put yourself in their position and think about what would you feel if they’ve done this to you? Don’t punish the present and future for yesterday’s mistakes.

9. You’re being too hard on yourself.

The only thing that’s probably wrong with you is the world doesn’t witness your existence. How would you get guys/girls to like you if they don’t see you? I understand that we got priorities but come on! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Go out, socialize and have fun! Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t hide yourself from the world cause you’ll be missing a lot in life. Exist!! LIVE!!!!!

10. You flirt with everyone that breathes.

You probably flirt with everyone that breathes. And If you asked yourself why you’re single, can I just give you a high five on the face with a chair? Loyalty and trust means everything when it comes to relationships! And flirting with everyone is a major turn off! You go out on dates with other girls/boys and while on dates you text other girls/boys. One is never enough for you because the more, the merrier. If you think this way, you can’t be trusted because you’re not loyal, you’re not a keeper and definitely not worth of anything! And I can assure you that you’ll stay single for the rest of your life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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