An Open Letter To All The Moderate Right Wingers Who Voted For Trump

via Flickr - AK Rockefeller
via Flickr – AK Rockefeller

By now, you are sick of all the name-calling. For days, you’ve been accused of being a less than desirable person. You are tired of being categorized as racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic assholes.

When in reality, you’re none of these things.

You believe women deserve equal opportunities. You believe opportunities become available to those that work hard enough. You believe hard work can translate to financial success, no matter where you came from.

You can’t stand high taxes, maybe because you have someone near and dear to your heart that worked their tail off to provide for you and your family.

You consider the people that take advantage of the welfare system and it makes your skin crawl. You believe it is unjust and unfair to provide financial stability for those people when they have done nothing to deserve it.

Like me, you’ve never been overtly racist. You have friends of all ethnicities and have never thought twice about their roots.

You’ve never considered it being irregular when a woman gets hired into corporate America. You agree that women can do just about anything a man can.

You and I share each and every one of these beliefs.

What makes us different?

Understand that the slander you are experiencing is not necessarily a reflection of your personal values. This is likely because your values do not align with this hatefulness.

Racist? Sexist? Homophobic? Misogynistic?!

Until now, when have you ever been any of these things?

Here is my explanation.

It is not about who you are and what your personal values might be. It is rather about who –and what– you have promoted in this election.

Your vote promotes racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic innuendoes. Your vote enables the incitement of hate within this campaign to perpetuate. Your vote supports every Trump fan that has ever held a confederate flag, shouted racial slurs, and promoted gender inequality. Your vote supports homophobic remarks, and your vote supports unequal opportunities. Your vote supports infidelity. Your vote supports hyper-sexualisation of the female body. Your vote supports hyper-sexualisation of the male body. Your vote supports inappropriate remarks, insults and hypocrisy.

Above all, your vote supports sheer hatred that has been incited within this campaign.

So, no: You have never considered yourself an overtly racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic asshole… Because you probably aren’t.

But promoting a campaign like such makes you an enabler.

And you have enabled spite to speak.

Love trumps hate, always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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