21 Things I Said In 1998, Back When The Internet Had No Twitter And We Used Dial Up

I’ve been reading my old journals lately. It started when my best friend disputed my recollection of something from our twenties. I went to the tape, as they say. And for the record, I was right. That was a real win for me, because I don’t usually remember anything properly. Since then, I’ve been re-living each year of my life.

Here are my most ridiculous lines from 1998 — Pre-Twitter Tweets, I suppose.

January 3 (I was home from college for the holidays.)

It’s 3:09 am, and someone in this house is snoring so loud that it’s blasting into my room from the air vents like a freight train. I think it’s Grandma.

January 23

How come Julia Ormond gets three guys in “Legends of the Fall” and I don’t even get one?

January 30

I swear, people of the 90’s are unmannerly slobs. I was born in the wrong era.

February 5

I take my art seriously. If it’s not right, I’m ashamed.

February 10

Pretty sure I’ve been alive long enough now that people are beginning to see through me.

February 14

I was only attracted to him whenever he wore that sweatshirt.

March 18

I am naked, surrounded by candles, listening to Enya, burning rose oil.

March 19

Drug dogs raided the dorm today. Good thing I’m not hip enough to be sitting on a stash of anything. The cops banged on my door looking tough. I laughed and said, “yeah, be my guest.”

May 29

It’s possible that I’m a relationship pro. Not because I’ve been in a lot, but because I’ve witnessed years of my friends’ relationships, and I’ve pinpointed everything that they do wrong.

July 11

Maybe today a UPS man will show up with a package full of the answers.

July 23

I feel sure that my parents could retire happily right now if it wasn’t for all of the money that I’ve cost them. Why did they have kids? Having kids seems like one of those things that everyone does and then wishes they didn’t but they don’t feel allowed to vocalize that because everyone else has done the same thing and they’re not complaining. Secretly, does everyone wish they never had kids?

July 25

Why am I genuinely sweet one minute and a total bitch the next?

Aug 28

Ugh, she lives her life like she thinks she’s an Ayn Rand character.

Sept 2

It’s so damn hard to forget that day you cupped my face in your hands and told me that I radiate love.

Sept 14

I should just give into the inconsistencies of being young. I expect too much of myself.

Oct 3

We walked together to his truck to get his pacifier and discussed books. We both love Alan Watts. (Current day note: oh man, ”pacifier”…we were at a rave. Sigh.)

Oct 12

He said “you constantly amaze me,” and it knocked the wind out of my chest. Later, I wondered how many other girls he’s said that to and felt stupid for thinking I was special.

Nov 1

I love the way he walks. He’s always on the lookout; a tall ninja, prepared to duck for a low doorway.

Nov 7

I asked him where he saw himself in five years. He said “asleep.”

Nov 18

I think of him when I hear dumb top 40 love ballads and wish that we could still be together to make fun of them, although secretly I feel the same way the singer feels.

Nov 20

I’m okay. Everything’s under control. I mean, my heart is broken and I’m almost failing college, but whatever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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