He’s Not Your Prince Charming — He’s A Disney Witch

Unsplash, Thomas Kelley
Unsplash, Thomas Kelley

This is meant for all of you hopefuls that grew up watching Disney movies, only to come to the bitter realization that life isn’t a fairytale.

We women don’t want much in a man. All we want is a smart, successful, loyal, caring, good-looking, kind-hearted, funny man who gets along with our friends and family and treats us right. Now is that too much to ask for? Hmmm maybe.

Remember the part in the Disney movie where the witch disguises herself as someone kind and supportive and the Disney princess always falls for it? Well, this particular viewer has always watched in disbelief when the princess couldn’t see the signs when they were clearly in front of her. But, unless it’s a big bright neon sign, we’ve all missed the signs at least once in our lives.

1. He’s Snow White’s wicked stepmother. He tells you that he cares about you and loves you and wants what’s best for you. Meanwhile, he’s threatened by you and is secretly hatching evil plans with a talking mirror. Maybe just the former for now. We’ve all fallen for it. He tells you sweet nothings and you get lulled into a false sense of security. Like the poisoned apple, when something seems too perfect on the surface, it might just be rotting on the inside.

2. He’s Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” He gives you everything you ever wanted, but there’s a catch. When it seems like no one else supports you, he comes into your life to fulfill your wishes and you welcome him, no questions asked. You later find out that his real motive was to advance his own desire, not yours. Word of caution: Read the fine print.

3. He’s Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. He puts you down at every turn and makes you believe that he’s doing you the favor by being with you. Its extremely difficult to leave a relationship like this where you’re constantly belittled. The worst part is, this person taps into your hidden insecurities and hits your self-esteem. You start believing all the negative thoughts that he puts into your head. Listen to the talking mice in your life: You definitely deserve better.

4. He’s Mother Gothel from “Tangled.” He’s overprotective and possessive. He makes it clear that you’re all his and only his. Talking to someone else or someone he doesn’t like sends him spiraling out of control. You don’t want to upset him, so you shut out the world and listen to everything he says. Recognize the difference between love and control. It might be time to finally cut your hair and rid yourself of the person holding you back.

Falling in love can be a wonderful feeling, but being in love with the idea of love can lead to a lot of heartbreak, especially when we’re willing to compromise our standards. It might be frustrating to wait for the right person when everyone around you is either in a relationship, getting married, or having a baby. You may consider compromising the qualities you want in a partner but shouldn’t ever consider compromising your goals, self-esteem, and personal values.

You don’t get to the happy ending without slaying a couple of dragons along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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