How To Stop Allowing Your Mind To Make You A Prisoner


Throughout life we tend to come across what seems to be large brick walls. Those walls are made up of everything from fear, worry, conflict, resentment, pain, and all types of other emotions and circumstances that seem impossible to break through. Sometimes those walls make us feel hopeless and helpless, wondering if there’s any point in trying to break through. We begin to feel as if banging our heads against that wall is the only option.

Sound familiar?

Well that’s not the only option.

That wall you’re experiencing is simply a manifestation of your past circumstances, including mistakes, missteps, and all the emotions and concerns tied to them. So much has happened over time that there just doesn’t seem to be a silver lining anywhere in sight. Maybe something extremely devastating has happened recently that ripped your world apart, and has you thinking the damage is irreparable.

You continue to take every circumstance (and every emotion paired with it) and use them as bricks for that mental wall you’ve built yourself without realizing it. But the problem isn’t that wall. It’s your mindset that seems to be continuing to build that wall taller and taller.

Stop looking back.

So how do you tear that mental wall of circumstances down?

By first understanding the difference between what was and what is. Every day you’re blessed to wake up to new beginnings, a new slate, a new chance to get things right. Yet the majority use that new and
fresh opportunity to focus to dwell on crappy yesterdays.

You can’t evolve while continuing to allow yourself so much time and space each day to reach back to what was. If you’ve ever paid attention to a race, you will never see a professional sprinter watching his/her back throughout the run, because it only slows them down and sidetracks their focus, which should be the finish line. Stop looking back spending so much time on what was, that it sidetracks you from what is and what could be waiting for you.

You are not your circumstances.

Understand that what you’ve gone through, what you’ve done, who has hurt/betrayed you, etc. is not who you are. We tend to consume ourselves with our circumstances to the point where we leave no room or energy to tap into the potential of what we could be. It’s not what you’re going through, but how you react to it and what you make it of it moving forward. That’s what strengthens you. That’s what aids you in personal growth.

Think yourself free.

To fully understand how great you can be, you have to be willing to release the circumstances you’re allowing yourself to be chained to. It’s hard to imagine your best self and ultimate happiness when you’re only flooding our thoughts with negativity and self doubt fueled by past events.

In order to begin breaking down that mental brick wall, you have to work on releasing those things and people who limit you.

You must also work to release the mindset that has you thinking that moving forward is impossible, or that you can’t win for losing. Unleashing your potential is first freeing your mind from all limitations you’ve created or feel you’ve been given over the years. Understand that all those limitations in place are manifesting self doubt, insecurities, and performances that may be less than your best during your day to day, thus adding only more bricks to that mental wall.

Know that you can move past any and every one of the walls you may have mentally built over time. You don’t have to be a prisoner to your circumstances. Remember: who you are is boot what you’ve been through, and you can achieve so much more by making the decision to release what has found a way to break you in the past, in order to reach out with firmer grip to embrace the present and future. Don’t be afraid to get out of your own way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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