The One Question Every Single Woman Hates To Hear


I go out with my friends, I hang out with my guy friends, and I love my family. I love my job, and I absolutely love meeting new people. Doesn’t that sound pretty normal? Well, what if I told you I’ve been single my entire life? Now the perception of me changes. Why does that happen?

Being single seems to have a stigma these days. Why don’t you want a boyfriend? Why don’t you see yourself getting married? Don’t you want a family? Constant questions similar to these are bombarded upon single women like myself. I’m only in my twenties; I have time to figure out what I want in my love life. Don’t pressure me. The worst pressure is when single women, especially ones who have never been in a relationship, receive this one question from men they meet:

“How have you been single your whole life?”

Well dude if I knew, I would tell you! Why do you think we know that answer? If we knew why we were single, wouldn’t we want to change that so we could be in a relationship? That questions always seems to be in the minds of men, and most of the time, it leaves the mind through the mouth.

This question not only comes as an annoyance but as an insult as well. You may as well just say, “What’s so wrong with you that no guy has wanted to be with you?” It’s the exact same thing. Did you ever think that maybe some women are not the stereotypical girl who feels like she needs to be in a relationship? Or maybe this woman gets more enjoyment from her job and wants to focus on her career?

Men are not everything; women don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. While my friends are having their date nights with their boyfriends, I’m hanging out with my guy friends, watching some sports. While my guys are out with their girlfriends, I’m out with my girls having a great Friday or Saturday night. If all my friends have a date, I’m happily working.

Are there days that I wish I was with a guy? Of course, every single woman does. This stigmatic question that these men ask us, however, makes us single women feel insulted, like we need to have a man in our lives or that no men find us attractive. That’s completely ridiculous, because every woman in their lifetime has received at least one compliment from a man on their appearance. Some women don’t want a man or a relationship at all. This question just needs to stay in the man’s mind and not ask women it at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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