Sometimes The Girl Who Is Always There For Everyone Else, Needs Someone There For Her

Just A Little Reminder About Growth

You’re probably wondering whether you can achieve this next phase in your life. I say start by living it. With unconditional love, access all that you are and remember you have all that you need. Realize that you are so incredibly supported by those who see more in you than you see in yourself.

Remember everything you need is within you now – your talents, gifts, wisdom, and grace. Don’t bury them under the overwhelm and say it’s too much or believe you have to have something else to get there. You are the only thing you need.

You’re also probably wondering ‘when,’ forgetting it’s all unfolding now, tiny pieces of rich and meaningful things falling into place. Don’t fall into the trap that it’s all mundane, take each of your next steps in awe and reverence for all that you are creating.

Soothe your fears with tenderness and sigh with the knowing there’s no right or wrong decision. Surrender to the unknown with courage and value depth over perfection. Because that’s what will keep you present, knowing each and every season has a purpose.

Things might even appear differently, but it’s up to you to see it more than just for what it is. It’s up to you to let the light pour in and say ‘this is why’. To step forward with trust instead back into safety. This is what makes your story much more fascinating when you are able to weave the lessons and experiences and look back with respect instead of regret.

What you’re going through might not all make sense and it might take time, but accept the wildness and curiosity of it. Through it all, you are constantly becoming. It’s happening. And with or without it, it still all means something, so you might as well do it with grace. TC mark

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