This Is Why We Persevere As Creatives

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Even though those four little words ‘what do you do’ paralyze us sometimes. Even though we awkwardly find ourselves over-exaggerating and justifying everything in the hope we will be taken seriously.

We become better at voicing our script. We challenge people to see that our character is more important than our reputation.

Even though we look at others with our green eyes. Even though we kick ourselves that we could’ve been there by now. We turn our comparison into compassion.

We remember that everyone has been there. Everyone is exposing themselves to judgment in the arena.

Even though we feel everything so intensely and sensitively. Even though we become emotional sponges to other people’s opinions and pain. Even though we’re scared of being in the spotlight.

We allow our vulnerability to become the essence of some of our greatest work. We turn our fear into possibility. We inspire others with it.

Even though we find ourselves rolled up in bed on the grey days, stifled by frustration and unfound clarity. Even though we procrastinate when things get too hard. Even though we start projects and leave them unfinished.

We learn to deal with the uncertainty. Keep going when we fail and allow the stormy days to pass with surrender.

Even though we become isolated and spend way too much time with ourselves. Even though our jungle of a mind becomes our closest companion.

We grow comfortable with being uncomfortable. We become better at following our intuition. We begin to live out of the courage of self-trust and use our art as therapy.

Even though we put pressure on ourselves to be successful now. Even though we forget that our best days are yet to come. Even though there are no guarantees.

We remember we are lucky to even have a choice. Style our own lives, work in random cafes and use social media to self-publish.

Even though we get rejected. Even though our work is unseen or unappreciated by the masses. Even though we look back it and go ‘what the hell was I thinking’.

We remember that it’s our lifeblood. That we do it for pure joy and expressiveness more than we do it for approval.

Because even though we suffer sometimes, it hurts less than not doing it at all. TC mark

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