You Are A Warrior In A Wild World

Struggle is universal. We all feel it and all are changed by it. Sure, there may be different circumstances involved in the feeling, but it is something we all go through and have to do our best to overcome. Coping depends totally on the person and their varied mechanisms with which they find peace and happiness.

This society is now filled with such strife and discombobulation. It is a place that is suffocating, and this makes it even more difficult to find the positivity within the madness. There is a severe lack of the simplest components, such as love and kindness. It is almost as if we have totally forgotten and totally disregarded the golden rule. We have forgotten how to treat others with love and even the simplest tinge of respect.

It’s no wonder so many people feel rushed to find where they belong and where exactly they fit in in a wonky puzzle. I am here to tell you that despite how you may feel, you’re enough. You are a beautiful and an enchanting soul who will change this crazy world in wondrous ways.

You are stronger than you realize. As a matter of fact, you’re a warrior whose fight does not go unnoticed. You have been thrown some very difficult challenges, but you fail to back down and fail to cower in fear.

No matter the challenge, you’re always up for it; fighting with all of your might and with each of your delicate breaths. You never give up.

At the end of the day, you watch the sun go down with pride, looking forward to the next day with a one of a kind enthusiasm and exuberance.

You have the strength of both a queen and a king, and you have the mentality many could only dream of. You are a special person created with a unique purpose with a plan that will shine like the world’s brightest star. Hang in there. Good things are coming, my dear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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