How To Trust Yourself Again After You Feel Like You Failed

I don’t know what kind of failure you’ve experienced recently, but I’m sure it has caused you at least a whit of pain. And that pain must have made you feel bad about yourself and lose your self-confidence. It must have made you question your abilities and even your worth. Am I not deserving? you ask. And perhaps right now you’re torn between wanting to try again or just give it all up. But I’m telling you this: try again. Restart your system. Refuel that trust you have in yourself. It may not be easy, but there are ways that can help you move forward.

Accept that failure is inevitable.

It’s a cliché to say that we cannot dodge failure. You’ve heard it so many times. But how much and how deep can you accept it? Remind yourself that failure is part of the process, because it has a significant purpose in the process. Imagine two scenarios: being successful at one goal after only one attempt and being successful at another goal after several attempts. Which success would mean more to you? For me, it’s the second one that has really tested and honed my determination and abilities. You see, failure is inevitable because it can make you cherish every success and appreciate yourself more. It’s not really made to make you feel inferior.

Remember the people who believe in you.

Remember the words they’ve told you. The encouragement they’ve given you and the affirmations they cheer you with. These people look forward to your success because they know you can do it. Most probably, these are the people you have inspired in the first place. They have witnessed your other achievements and so they know that you can do it again. Keep their words of encouragement in your heart. Recite them in your head over and over again. Those people are waiting to see you on the zenith.

Realize that you’re almost there.

The harder it becomes, the closer you get. You’re on the point of doubting yourself because it has been more difficult now. And it’s the usual drill, right? In every game, you experience a higher level of difficulty as you progress, but you know it means you’re closer to the prize. You have come this far and you just don’t wanna waste every effort and energy you spent all throughout your pursuit, do you? Don’t give up. The pain of difficulties and failures makes you more worthy of the prize.

Trusting yourself again after a series of failures is a helpful tool for personal development. It makes you more mature and it broadens your horizons. It makes you ponder about your very own existence and purpose. So go, reach that goal. Let your failure be the ladder to your dreams. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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