Congrats On All The Times You’ve Tried Even When The Outcome Felt Impossible To See

Congrats On All The Times You’ve Tried Even When The Outcome Felt Impossible To See

Congrats for still keeping it in your heart, believing you will soon achieve that goal.

You’ve given your best, stretched out every part of your being, and compromised things just to climb the impossible. You’ve had outside struggles and wrestled with them while you were after something. There have been so many odds blaring out their daunting voices but you chose not to listen. Rather, you chose to use their voice to wake up and stop dreaming because you want to make a way to turn that dream into reality.

Trying has stressed you out. Trying has made you feel small. Trying has given you reasons to just give it all up. Trying has turned you into a failure. But you know all the invaluable things trying can do.

In trying, you go beyond your limit.

You beat your own confines. You shatter your own walls. You widen your capacity and enlarge its territory. Going beyond your limit is a big achievement itself. It makes you (well, this may be a cliché but I just want to reiterate) stronger. Remember it’s all about competing with your own weaknesses and not with other people.

In trying, you attract ‘luck’.

Luck is how I want to call it because we usually deem it elusive. It’s hard to catch and selective. But when luck sees you trying, when it sees you determined and persistent, it draws closer to you. How? Your positivity has beckoned it.

In trying, you open more doors.

You open doors that give you more opportunities because while you venture out, you discover more of you. More of your skills, more of your personality, strengths, and inclinations. These shall lead you to wider horizons. You discover new aspects of your life and meet new people along. You cultivate more knowledge and paint more colors on your existence.

In trying, you gradually realize who you really are.

The moment you consider impossible as possible, you become someone to look up to. You are living out your purpose in this world. Some people think outside the box, but you think as if there were no box. No matter how your plans fail, no matter how it’s taken a lot of chances, you’ve kept the fire ablaze. You’re still holding that torch nobody can ever douse. And that’s because your torch serves as a guiding light to others’ life as well.

So I am sincerely congratulating you for trying even when it felt impossible to see. Because for every moment you try, you already win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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