10 Little Ways To Celebrate The Earth On World Environment Day

Let’s be honest, how much do we engage ourselves in World Environment Day celebrated every 5th of June? Do we even observe it? It’s been taking place for almost 5 decades and we have to start asking ourselves, how have I shown my love for Mother Nature? We all are responsible in taking care of our environment because the what-you-sow-is-what-you-reap principle strictly applies here. The good news is we can celebrate it wherever we are.

1. Recycle.

This will never get old. It will always help Mother Nature even if you can’t see its broader effect. Look around your house and spot some things that are not being used, just stuck on a shelf, or in a drawer. An old makeup sponge maybe? An eyeglasses case? Buttons? What do you think can you create out of them? Instead of just throwing them away, exert a little resourcefulness to transform those nothings into somethings.

2. Beat Plastic Pollution.

This is the theme of WED 2018 with the tagline, if you can’t reuse it, refuse it. Makes sense, right? You may find this idea repetitive but it’s because not all people are living by it yet. You can help reduce plastic waste in various ways like using eco bags when shopping, bringing your own tumbler or mug to coffee shops so you can let the barista fill it with your favorite beverage instead of consuming another plastic cup, packing your lunch for school or work, carrying your own water bottle everytime you go out, or even carrying your eating utensils from home so you can avoid using disposable ones when you eat fast food.

3. Start A Clean-Up Movement.

Movement may seem to be a big word here but what I mean here is mere literal movement. Go outside. Call your friends to invite them in cleaning up the environment—your neighborhood. Sweep the streets near you and dispose of non-perishable litters PROPERLY. Along the way, you can feed stray animals as an extra mile. They’re part of nature, too.

4. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint.

Carbon footprint is the total amount of emitted carbon dioxide or carbon compounds from an individual’s consumption of energy. It contributes to greenhouse gases which trap heat that entails other negative effects. See if you’ve gone too far by calculating your carbon footprint. You can visit this website to help you. Meanwhile, you can reduce it by eating less meat, finishing your meal or preparing an exact serving (so you can avoid excess to reheat), riding a bicycle instead of a car, saving electricity, lessening your air travels, and investing in renewable energy sources (e.g. solar panels).

4. Get Creative.

This is the best reason to show off your talent. Use it to open awareness about our environment. Post it on social media and let it speak to the hearts of your friends and followers. Regardless of their opinion, at least you did something for Mother Nature through your passion.

6. Attend Seminars Or Join Organizations.

Widen your perspectives and make your efforts more conspicuous by learning from different people and by sharing what you learn. If you don’t have enough activities in your life or if you have some extra room in your budget then perhaps you can try engaging yourself in a helpful preoccupation. It’s fun!

7. Visit Environmental Or Botanical Museums.

We always go to places to experience fun and snap memories. This time, opt to observe and learn more about nature in museums or any attraction with nature as its theme. Record whatever you learned and reflect on it just like what you did or do in school. You may not see it right away but by doing this you instill in yourself the desire to help the environment.

8. Educate Your Friends And Family.

They may laugh at you for doing this but trust me, you’ll be proud of yourself once you try to share your goals in celebrating WED and let them join you. Have a mini meeting or perhaps talk about it during your time together. Tell them you wish to have an eco-friendly household and what good it can do. They may be aware of this already and they may want the same thing but spearheading the talk will start the movement.

9. Literally Plant The Seed Yourself.

Sure, buying an already grown plant is convenient but planting it yourself is a different experience. Gardening can teach you a lot not just about the plants per se but also about the whole environment. You’ll gain skills and strengthen your sense of responsibility, commitment, and love for nature. Planting the seed by yourself is like cooking instead of buying an outside food. You use your own hands to show love and nourish nature.

10. Just Get Out Into Nature.

I believe the least you can do is just to sit with nature as your surroundings. Go to a forest, have a picnic by yourself, climb a mountain, or just sit on the grass in your yard. Observe the beauty of a natural environment. Thank God for it. Speak to it. Hear the birds sing. Meditate to reconnect with nature. It won’t only help you appreciate the world but it helps you heal in every aspect.

These are just some of the ways to celebrate Earth on World Environment Day. You can think of anything unique! Also, you don’t need to wait for WED to celebrate, you can do it anytime you want to help the world. Again, what we sow is what we reap. Let’s act with awareness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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