Read This If You Think You’ve Already Messed Up Your 2018

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Trust me, you haven’t.

You had probably made plans long before the New Year arrived but unfortunately, as January passed by, they just backfired and turned out to be chaos. Or worse, they’re stuck inside the drawers of your mind still waiting to be taken out to the real world. But does that mean everything was messed up? Do you need to look down on yourself now? Does that make everyone else any better than you? No. Everything may seem to be a mess but you still have the chance to get up and work it out.

Just because January is the onset of the year, failing it doesn’t mean you’re failing the whole year.

Since it’s the first month, we naturally take January as the main opportunity for self-improvement and for ticking out plans which is well known as New Year’s Resolutions. Although it’s really good to aim for a one-time perfect start, we also need to expect it will be difficult because most likely it will fail. The hardest part is always the beginning that’s why you even need to be proud of yourself that you took action no matter how it ended up. Now we are in February, it’s time to consider it anew.

Move on. Start again. Don’t deny your failures.

Because it’s better to fail as you try than doing nothing, aiming nowhere.

It’s better to have something in mind as an ambition and to act on achieving them than just being passive in life. It’s better to act and fail than succeed merely at scrolling newsfeeds or dashboards and then wonder how it feels to achieve things. Never ever be afraid of failures. Remember that those who barely fail, barely succeed as well. Failures are your classrooms. Your training field.

You will encounter them manifold to toughen you up and make you wiser.

Nobody can do things best at first try, maybe good but not the best. Just like an adept writer who can already do well in his first draft. If he looks into it a lot more times, he can still revise it to make it a lot better. Our life is a process and so are the things we do. Things that are made in an instant also lose their effects instantly because they are not carefully built.

You need to allow yourself to do everything gradually. Don’t say it’s already February! Instead, tell yourself it’s still Feb! It’s never about how many times you stumble; it’s how you decide to get up right after. It’s how you apply what you’ve learned.

It’s never too late. Don’t consider January as your last chance.

Every single day is made afresh for you to seize. Seize it with the learnings from yesterday. Seize it with renewed hope. The most important thing here is how your maturity grows.

What has gone by does not have the power over the future? Today has. So stop whining about what happened which you thought as a mess. It’s a beautiful, worthy mess after all. As you read this, determine the first step you need to take. Don’t wait for motivation. Look for it. And when everything goes awry again, use the wisdom you’ve gained from the past.

Just remember that even when you plan at the earliest time possible with very sensible discretions, surprising uncertainties can still drown you. But you have to fight. Fight with acceptance. Fight with love. Fight with faith.

And in that ocean of uncertainty, you don’t either row the boat or pray—you do both. Let God guide you while you work and eventually He will lead you to the zenith of your year.

There’s still a long way. You’ll find out that all the mishaps you’ve had in January are just clues that will lead you to a victorious 2018. Keep on striving to put your dreams into reality.

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