The 8 Damaging Ways You’ll Ruin Their Feelings For You

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1. You damage their feelings for you when you send mixed signals. When they don’t know if they will count on whatever you say because they see an entirely different action. Don’t say you really want to be with them when you’re not doing anything to be close to them. Don’t send sweet messages when you act like a total stranger in person. Don’t treat them special today if tomorrow you’re going to ignore them.

2. You damage their feelings for you when you give them false hope. When you say you want to go out tonight and enjoy a scrumptious dinner with them, but you instead take your invitation back with petty excuses or when you ask them if they want to see a movie, but then make them feel like you don’t like any of the Now Showing list.

3. You damage their feelings for you when you lack interest in what they talk about. When you keep your eyes on your phone while they share something significant or how their day went. You don’t bother to feign the same amount of excitement as they tell you about the good news they just received, or ask them what you can do for help whenever they feel down. Your responses are so robotic that they already think twice before they open up about something to you.

4. You damage their feelings for you when you don’t give them affirmations and reassurance. It doesn’t mean they are high-maintenance. But giving them these builds a firewall against any doubt. It is not the same with promising, anyway; it’s more on constantly reminding them that you care for them, that you have plans for the both of you, and that whatever happens, you will stick around. It fortifies your integrity. So if you’re missing on this, you are gradually undermining their trust.

5. You damage their feelings for you when you don’t cooperate in fixing the problem. When you worsen it instead by quitting easily and asking for a break when you haven’t talked about it yet. And so they start to think you’re already making excuses for a way out.

6. You damage their feelings for you when you don’t exert even the simplest effort because you’re probably presuming they won’t appreciate it. You think they are the kind of person who’s into attention-catching couple scenes whereas they already get tickled by a simple “I love you” note or a big cup of coffee you make to share with them for a cozy time. They don’t need something big because of your willingness to make them happy, put in whatever action, is so much appreciated.

7. You damage their feelings for you when you notice a lot more on the physical aspect. Yes, they really find it sweet and flattering everytime you give them compliments about their skin. About their hair. Their dimples. Their curves. Or anything manifested on their physique. But I hope you also notice how beautiful their very soul is. They need to know how you see their inside because they need to know if you love them for who they really are.

8. And lastly, you damage their feelings for you when you make them realize that you are just using them for personal gratification. For your own security. For your ego. You made them fall for you and commit to you because you know their love for you has been their weakness. But I’m sorry to break this to you: damage has the tendency to spread so quickly. And once the damage grows enough, their feelings for you might not function anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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