The 10 Things I Mean When I Say ‘I Love You’

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Alex Holyoake

1. Expect that I may fail to give you everything you need and want, but I will always make a way to give you the best alternatives at least to show you I’ll do anything to make you happy.

2. I understand that you are also a human who has the tendency to break my heart. I might be mad. I might be ignoring you. But never will it come to the point where I will find someone new.

3. You will always be a pretty face to me—a beautiful soul whom I’d choose to stare at whenever I wake up in the deepest hours. Because as I see you in a vulnerable state with your purest countenance, I couldn’t help but ask myself, What did I do to be deserving of you?

4. I have drawn a blueprint for us. I might not be saying it yet, but my vision of me in the future always includes you.

5. I trust you when you’re with me, and I trust you even more whenever you’re not with me.

6. But at the same time, the thought of you possibly adoring somebody else makes me recoil in fear.

7. People may not see us as a match. People may think you don’t deserve me or vice versa. But with the three words I speak to you, I silence the boisterous voice of the world. They don’t matter.

8. I am oblivious to everything whenever I lay by your side or clutch your hand. I don’t mind every scintilla of time passing by. I don’t mind whether we are laughing, talking, or merely floating in a dead air. Day and night will always be perfect to share them with you.

9. Perhaps there will come a time where you’ll realize that you can’t love me back anymore. Perhaps you will meet another person who can treat you better than I can, or give you what I can’t. But perhaps, for those three words sincerely blossoming from my heart, I’d rather see you truly happy with them than feigning joy with me.

10. Because when I say ‘I love you’ I am holding onto the hope that in the end it will still be me and you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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