This Is How You Can Turn Rejections Into Silver Linings

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Joshua Reddekopp

Maybe the person you’ve been wooing for a very long time said no to you—again. Maybe your sales rebuttals haven’t been working these recent shifts, which makes the incentives more elusive. Maybe your teacher or your boss failed to see the good thing about your project. Or maybe you’ve just had a negative result in your job application.

Every one of us experiences rejection—the no’s in life we fear to hear and find difficult to accept.

I’ve worked hard for that, we mutter. But regardless how much we toil and pour out emotional investments over the things we pursue, we must remember that there are situations in life just out of our control. What made us deserving of those rejections, we really don’t know. But we should focus on how we should deal with them.

The experience of rejection is an important stimulant for maturity because it allows us to meet turning points that lead to better opportunities.

The most renowned people around the world would never get to where they are without having experienced turndowns. From that idea therefore, we should also learn how to turn these setbacks into stepping stones for progress. Wisdom always plays an important role to make the situations working. No matter what kind of turndowns we have experienced lately, we have to perpend how they can become significant for us not just what made us worthy of those rejections. We shouldn’t just squander time whining but decide what to do next instead.

We have to move forward and think about the other wide-open doors we might be missing.

We all have a sharp aim towards something that we are willing to toil for. However, sometimes working hard to achieve it doesn’t suffice because we are actually made to pursue something else—something that we may not want or hasn’t even crossed our minds but it’s surely better for us. God’s will is difficult to decipher but as we pray and decide to be a little adventurous and try out other endeavors, then we can move towards the realization why the door we’ve chosen doesn’t open.

We need to take the risk of letting go and diverting our attention to other things afresh. There’s no harm in trying.

Those rejections may heavily cloud above our lives and block the light, but notice that the darker they get, the more visible the silver linings become.

Just remember what Horace Slughorn told Harry Potter: “…there can be no light without the dark.” Without the rejections, we overlook the brighter side of life. We miss whopping opportunities that can give us ultimate life experiences. So determine where the turning point is leading you. And from that, go on. Brave the risks. Keep on taking chances. Anyway, those rejections are not your defeat.

It’s the loss of those who closed their doors for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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