Maybe This Time Things Will Be Different

couple kissing in woods
Felix Russel-Saw

Maybe this time, I haven’t totally messed up yet. You’re actually still talking to me, and usually the guys I’ve known freak out and stay away.

You haven’t stayed away. You’re the one who comes up to me and talks to me. Maybe this time, there’s still hope.

Maybe this time, I’ll remember to think before I act. Maybe this time, I’ve finally learned something from my mistakes and move forward when it comes to relationships.

Maybe this time, I’ll finally say the right thing at the right time, then for once the moment would be genuine and full of possibilities.

Maybe this time, I can let go of all the baggage from the past that’s dragging me down. Maybe this time, I’ll see my own demons and drive them away, now that I know what they look like. Maybe this time, I’ll finally have a clear picture of myself, and how beautiful I am. That way, my demons can never convince me wrong again.

Maybe this time, I’ll gather the courage o let go of my facade of being a frigid and guarded girl. Maybe this time you’ll see the real me and fall in love with her. Maybe this time, I won’t mess things up for myself anymore. Maybe this time, things can progress to the next level for us.

Maybe this time, I won’t be left alone. Maybe this time, I’ll know what it means to be happy. Maybe this time, you’ll take my hand and lead us to new places.

Maybe this time, it will be love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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