You Are The Epitome Of Mediocrity If You Work While Going To School And I’m Not Going To Apologize For Saying It

via Flickr - Kevin Cortopassi
via Flickr – Kevin Cortopassi

After spending seven hours at work, when my shift was finally over, I felt alleviated and miserable or maybe some sort of disappointment? My feelings of relief came from the simple fact that my day was over, I was done. No more working, no more annoyance. On the other hand, my disappointment came from realizing that I had just spent SEVEN hours of my beautiful life at a pizzeria. I spent seven hours working for my boss. I had just spent the last seven hours keeping his place up and running. I had just spent seven hours giving my energy and youth to this place. I did some deep thinking while driving home that night. I came to a conclusion that this is not a life that I want to be living. I do not want to dedicate excessive hours to a place that’s not even mine. I’m twenty years old, why should I?

“It kills me to see young people miserable all the time. You will never be this young again.”

I comprehend that at this time in my life, school and work is what I’m expected to be occupied with. It’s what college students sort of…do. However, there’s no way in hell that I’m going to spend all morning in school and then right after go to work and spend seven hours sitting at a pizzeria. I feel as if I am not taking advantage of my youth and the beautiful person that I am inside and out. The world is humongous, there’s a lot out there. There’s also too much that I do not know because I’m too busy doing unbeneficial things like working at a pizza shop… so unfulfilling.

I recall texting one of my friends and telling her how I feel stuck and she responded with something similar to this. “Karina, I understand where you are coming from but this is what young people do… they go to school and they work to make some money.” I vehemently hated her response even though I agreed. In my head, I was thinking, “No, forget that. Forget mediocrity.” When you’re stuck doing the same routine, you do not allow flow to enter into your life. I’m way too intelligent, and way too creative to sit in a shop for seven hours. I’m at the stage in my life where I’m constantly discovering new things about myself. I’m at the point where knowledge is what keeps me going. If I’m not in an environment where I’m acquiring new awareness, then I’m incredibly bored.

I’m continuously seeking new experiences. I want to meet people, everyone I come across knows something that I don’t. I think that’s amazing. This world is beautiful and you can be anything you want within your capacity. I have the world at my feet and I just have to figure out how to run with it.

I encourage people to try new things, to be driven, to take risks. You only live once, do not waste all of your youth working crazy long hours at a job that doesn’t stimulate your brain or benefit you mentally/emotionally. Go to school and live. Be great. Live with passion. Be compassionate. I know that I am in the world to do great work. I have a purpose in life and I refuse to spend ridiculous time at a pizzeria when I could be out living and discovering new things about myself and the world itself.

Do not settle for mediocrity. Find what you’re good at and do it. Understand that your youth is a blessing. It kills me to see young people miserable all the time. You will never be this young again. When you’re young, you have endless opportunities. Life is fabulous and if you would just take some time out of your day to realize that, you would feel more fulfilled. Don’t settle. Live. I can’t possibly stress that enough. Enjoy the rain, enjoy the sun, enjoy the sunsets, and enjoy the way that people’s eyes light up when they’re talking about the things they love. Be present with people and the world. Enjoy the small things. Most importantly, do not spend too much of your precious time at a job that isn’t going to be your career. Don’t waste your time, it’s too valuable. Be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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