7 Brutal Truths About Having An Older Sister That Every Little Sister Endures

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Having an older sister is probably one of the best and worst things ever. The younger sister position has some serious requirements whether we realize it or not. Sometimes it’s okay to feel like we were born to serve our older sister. We spend 75% of our lives doing stuff for them anyway.

1. You are just a figment of your sister’s imagination.

From when you are old enough and can understand, your sister will tell you that you were adopted, grown in a lab, or found in the dumpster. You will question your parents for years because of this.

2. We are your own personal living mannequin


It goes the same way every single time. The older sister will pinky promise, “I’ll let you put makeup on me if you let me put makeup on you”
The poor younger sister will for some reason always believe this and we will end up with lipstick in our eyebrows and markers in our hair. And then…. The older sister will refuse to let us touch them and it ends with a fight to the death. Or at least a race to mom.

3. We will always be kicked out of her room.

Especially when she has friends over. 

We are a punching bag. The older sister with verbally and physically abuse you and love you unconditionally all at the same time. When the older sister has friends over all you ever want to do is play with them, or talk to them, or watch tv with them. But older sister has different ideas. You are then shoved and locked out of the room. Yelled at and embarrassed. And you have to eat your macaroni and cheese with your mother while watching TLC. 

4. As you get older you are known as 
*her little sister* (“Hey, Catherine’s little sister”).

You do not have your own identity. You are just a branch from your older sister. People never know your name, but everyone I’m school will call you by your sisters name. Teachers will always mess up and call you the wrong name. It never gets better, you might as well just write her name on your papers because the teachers could possibly get confused. People will always expect you to do everything she does. “Susan played basketball, why don’t you?”…. “Michelle was so good at dancing, are you going to dance too?” Sorry but I’m not my sister. At all.

5. You are your sisters home-grown DUFF.

People will always say “hey! You’re Allison’s sister, right? Gosh she is so hot” wow thanks. I’m a girl too! I promise! Guys will always ask you for her number and the guys your age will fantasize about her.

6. Lie, lie, lie.

Your sister will break the rules from time to time and who always has her back. You do. Your parents ask you a question and you lie your ass off. “Was Sam at school today?”
”Yes, saw her three times AND ate lunch with her 😉”. She usually won’t return the favor, but maybe sometimes she will.

7. She accuses you of wanting to be her (When actually, she wants to be you).

As you grow up her style seems pretty cool and you end up liking what she likes. BUT once you are In high school you become low key cooler than her. She will steal your clothes and shoes. She will steal your taste in music and movies also. She secretly actually wants to be just like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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