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Rethinking Year-In-Review Lists

“Best of” Lists are to December what mosquitoes are to August, but unlike the panic-inducing insect, no one wants to get rid of the “Best of.” Instead, they feed them, passing them around to their friends, acting aghast when the most fringe author/ artist/ television show has been left out, but smiling in smug recognition at any item that matches up to a notch on their own belt.

Let’s All Give Thanks For Friendsgiving

By rule, Friendsgiving is free of traditions and about 95% free of stress and expectations. While some participants see it as an opportunity to mash their family’s favorite dishes and homemade songs with those of their friends’, these are the gatherings most likely to end in bloodshed, tears, or more passive forms of aggression.

The Deconstruction Of A Post-Office Wardrobe

Search Google images for “Women in the office.” Maybe add a little color, loosen the bun, and take off a few years. Definitely take off the forced stock-photo grin. I was never unhappy about wearing the same coral button-up, black slacks combo four times a month. It was simple, straightforward, and comfortable. A no-brainer.

Love In Between Flannel Sheets

I’ve seen this all over town: friends throwing up their hands and their cares one final time, just to have their thrills and half-hearted regrets buffered by the warm sun at next-day’s brunch. It’s crazy how many people cannot seem to imagine getting someone into bed without an upper lip stained in sweat.

An Ode To Summer’s End

We hover and flap over the echoey expanse between undergrad and professional life like cartoon birds. We go almost nowhere and neither do the stacks of empty PBR cans from the shacks of houses we illegally cram ten people into. There will be a better word for this, later.

The Unbearable Existentiality of Haircuts

All hope for weekend trips with sexy new men dies around this time, and I can hear its last desperate gasps for breath – just a trim! – as she circles the scissors in undulating, rapid-fire snips near the crown of my head. I recognize this move, and my lips shrivel immediately. This is the haircut given to little girls and near-menopausal mothers.