Why Michael Scott Is Absolutely The ‘World’s Best Boss’

Michael Scott represents the narcissistic, childish, and inappropriate parts of ourselves we don’t have the courage to show. He shamelessly is himself all the time. From his ridiculous ideas in the office to his constant pattern of misquoting absolutely everything, Michael Scott is the embarrassing yet painfully relatable versions of ourselves. Who wants to actually work a 9 to 5 desk job? Nobody. He does a hilarious job at embracing his immaturity and child-like wonder. We all sometimes want to just relax and mess around, he just happens to have enough balls to do it all the time.

His oblivion is also a key factor in why he is so special. In season 2, he creates a username named “Little Kid Lover” on a dating website, thinking it will give the positive impression that he’s good with children. Completely unaware of how creepy and misleading that username actually is, it’s hilarious how Michael has clueless he is. Michael has also said, “Babies are drawn to me and I think it’s because they see me as one of them, but, cooler, and with my life put together a little bit.” Yes, they are indeed drawn to him because of how childish he is!

His inappropriate behavior is truly a work of art. His offensive humor is the type of humor that actually makes people genuinely laugh. In this day and age where everybody gets offended by everything, it’s refreshing to watch someone like Michael be himself. From his unreasonable hatred toward Toby to his constant need to shout, “That’s what she said.” He really is one of a kind. We all know how he constantly feels the need to be number one. His narcissistic tendencies and need to be liked is strangely relatable. He constantly needs to draw attention to himself and take credit for every little thing. His grandiose sense of self and arrogance cracks me up and honestly, I’m here for it.

Michael is unapologetically himself even when it comes to having a crush. We all want to appear cool and collected when we’re around our crushes, but Michael is a different story. Throughout the show, he has absolutely no shame in embracing his man-crush to Ryan Howard. Not only does Michael have the courage to award him with the hottest in the office award, but he has the nerve to creepily watch Ryan from his office. With no feelings of humiliation at all. It’s impressive, to say the least. I wish I could be that confident and express myself freely. When everyone from the office is outside because of the fire in season 2, Michael asks everyone who they would be intimate with out of all the people around. He happily admits he would, and I quote, “I would definitely have sex with Ryan!” all while Ryan is to his side, obviously uncomfortable from his statement. These are just a few of the countless times Michael has openly expressed his feelings towards him.

Michael is also hands down the biggest sweetheart. In season 3 episode 16, When Pam invites everyone from the office to view her artwork, nobody but an unimpressed Oscar shows up. You can feel her disappointment as she only hears insults about her craft. As she starts to take down her unappreciated art work, Michael shows up! Genuinely impressed and enthusiastic about her work, he is the only one who is there to appreciate her passion. He even notices the details and expresses how proud he is of her. Pam’s gratitude to Michael at the end shows how much the world needs a Michael Scott. Honestly, the reasons as to why Michael Scott is the best are endless. The list goes on and on, so if you happen to ever meet a Michael Scott in your life, hold onto them. You have no idea how high they can fly.


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