You Will Remember Him And You Will Be Okay


In every heart break, 9 out of 10 people you ask for advice, will tell you that time will heal all your wounds and eventually, you will forget that person. 

You will not remember the time he cooked you dinner over at his place, or the moment he suddenly turned cold. You will not remember the stars the night he held your hands or the way his voice sounded like when he first said I love you.  You will not remember the songs on the radio that you sang to while stuck in traffic, the ice cream dates in rainy September, or his doodles on your arm. You will not remember the unreplied messages, the plans that never happened or the way he looked at you like you were a complete stranger. You will not remember any of this as if it were all just a recurring dream you woke up to.

But the thing is, they’re wrong. 

You can ever forget the person you once cared deeply about. Well, at least not completely. 

Like how years from now, you will return to that ice cream shop that no longer serves the same flavors and you will remember him. You will remember his head on your shoulder the night you watched a horror film you thought was lame and how he was close enough to know exactly where your tickle bone was. The sea will remind you of a feeling a long time ago, something you could no longer grasp in your hands but is still present.

He will never truly go away. But I promise you, it will be okay. You will remember him and it will not feel like all the bones in your body are broken. You can go back to those places you used to go to without having to hold your breath, and you can go through with the plans you made with him with someone new without feeling like you are betraying his memory. 

You will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark  

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