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Why You Need To Be Thankful For Your Big Sister


Sitting on the couch watching Lifetime movies while attempting to keep Gatorade down is just a little more tolerable when she’s there to watch you suffer. Bonus: if she lets you use the blanket you’ve fought over forever, you owe her a candy bar.

It’s Okay To Break Up With The Nice Guy

A relationship is all about give and take but in the end—you both deserve to have the opportunity to pursue your dreams. You should be encouraging each other, not resenting each other for feeling held back.

My Journey Coping With Infertility

It’s not ok to hide behind closed doors. It’s not ok to be ashamed of the hot flashes those shots give you. It’s not ok to pretend like it’s ok when the people around you are just showing their concern. And it’s not ok that you have deal with this by yourself…and it’s a good thing you’re not.

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