If He’s Actually Into You, He’ll Do These 7 Things Automatically

Nick Karvounis
Nick Karvounis

Women are often fretting to me about whether a guy really likes them. It’s understandable.

When you like a cute guy and have chemistry, you want to know what he is thinking!

Basically, all you need to know is this: The signs are crystal clear. A good rule of thumb is if you have to analyze this issue for hours – the guy might not be the one for you.

And old friend’s mother once said: “When a guy likes you, you know it, you don’t have to wonder.” It’s really true. For those of you who are prone to PTB’ing – pretzel brain twisting – here are some ways to know where you stand with a guy.

He thinks of you romantically and buys you romantic things. Flowers, poems, jewelry. It’s not about the money, but the amount of thought and romance he puts into things. He might even make you something by hand. Practical gifts come from the head and are for sisters, mothers, grandmothers and other relatives. Romantic gifts come from the heart.

He asks you out in advance. You are not a last-minute thought. You are on his mind a lot. Sure, he may try to see you spontaneously. But he also plans things out in advance and asks you out ahead of time.

He introduces you to friends and family. He wants them to meet you. Because he is so happy and in love, he wants both sides to meet one another (unless he’s not close to his family, in which case he may not want you to meet them right away, if at all.) Another exception is if you both live in one area – say NYC – and the parents live in California, etc. When guys have one foot out the door, they don’t care if you meet their family, and they don’t care to meet yours, or impress yours, either.

He pays for dates. It’s not about the money, but when a man is in love, he wants to take care of you, and impress you. He wants to court you properly. He wants to feed you.

He loves you unconditionally and overlooks your flaws. He doesn’t keep harping on you to change. He doesn’t tell you how your arms should look more like those of his sexy personal trainer. He’s happy with you the way you are.

A real man will take the lead. He will ask you out on dates, and ask for your hand in marriage. He navigates the ship, and moves it along. He may be a little cautious, but he will always figure out how to move the relationship to the next step, without prodding from you. (Occasionally a man may take too long to propose, in which case a woman can ask his intentions, and may sometimes have to give an ultimatum. Beyond that, a real man will move things forward on his own).

He knows early on if you are the one, and has a grand plan, even if he doesn’t tell you. From the first time he takes you out on a date, he’s thinking of how to impress you and make you happy. He will usually have a plan for where to eat, and where to take you after the date to prolong it. He’s thinking of where he might take you to propose some day. He’s always thinking about you and how to move things forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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