Love Me Fully Or Don’t Love Me At All

Please love me fully or don’t love me at all. I don’t need you to love me half-heartedly, because you will only give me the illusion that you are here to stay. Save me the pain and heartache if you don’t have the space to hold my love. Do yourself a favor and don’t fool yourself in believing you can love someone before learning to love yourself.

You made me believe love was a fluctuating state, like the passing of seasonings. As a survival instinct, I had to adapt to your temperaments. I started believing missing someone was only attached to the worth of my body or my accessibility rather than my presence itself. You made me believe in a false illusion of intimacy where warmth triumphed love and compassion. In reality, warmth is only an illusion of love for those who are not able to love themselves yet.

So please tell me you want me without a falter in your voice; stare into my eyes and tell me you’re not only half in love with me. Pull me in close against your beating chest and tell me that I’m not an afterthought and that I linger on your mind until your head hits your pillow at night. Tell me you love me or let me go.

Let me go, because if you truly loved me, you wouldn’t have had it in you to stop putting in the effort. Let me go, because you know that you can’t give me the love I deserve. Let me go, because you only know how to love in halves and know that I would be better in the arms of someone else instead of settling with you. Let me go, because you know it is right to love me from a distance.

About the author

Karen Tang

Writer about all things from love and heartbreak from Vancouver, B.C.