When You Sleep With A Married Man

When you sleep with a married man and he shows you his cute baby girl, you will feel at ease because you know it will just be a onetime thing.

No expectations, No pressure. Just one night and it will all be over.

When you sleep with a married man and he tells you how much he loves his wife, you tend to be hopeful that one day- a person will love you just as much.

Someone will never let go of your hands, someone will walk you through your door- just as he did his wife.

When you sleep with a married man and he tells you sex is a primal need- a necessity and he is just filling up a void, you wonder how it must feel like to be in his shoes.
Admitting that he is eternally committed but having sex like he has never experienced how it’s like to be on the other side.

When you sleep with a married man and he asks you why you are single because he thinks that you are perfect, you wonder too why you are single.

Maybe because you choose to have fleeting moments instead of stable ones; maybe because you choose electricity over calm. Maybe because you just haven’t found the right one yet so expending and exhausting yourself to the wrong ones feel like the band-aid remedy.

Just like this one.

When you sleep with a married man and he tells you he used to be like you, sleeping around, never knowing when to commit and settle- makes you wonder if it is ever in the cards for you.

When you sleep with a married man and he tells you that he didn’t believe that it exists but was able to finally accept that there is after all the right person to see forever with- makes you finally see that anyone is worthy of love if they give it a chance.

When you sleep with a married man who says he is committed but makes himself available, you will realize that all your preconceived notions about dedication and relationship can get ruined in a snap.

You will then wonder how different commitment is from loyalty. How someone can be the most devoted husband and father but his loyalty is with the next girl he can share a night with.
When you sleep with a married man, don’t ever think that he will leave his wife and baby because you have chemistry. No matter how much passion and fireworks there are, he can never be yours.
I’m telling you, he will never leave his wife.

When you sleep with a married man, it will try to blur the lines between your hopeless romantic and cynic self.

How you wish you have met him a couple of years earlier when he wasn’t married yet or how you dream that this was just a Danielle Steele novel so that a happy ending can be a possibility.
When you sleep with a married man, he will eventually let you go. And you must learn how to deal with all the spinning thoughts in your head.

When you have experienced all of these, you will finally comprehend that sleeping with a married man enables you to see the world differently.

Love can be a possibility but it can never take off. The debilitating fear of him repeating the pattern and circling back to how you started automatically numbs you every single time.

You will realize that having slept with a married man; you know that this kind of relationship thrive only on lust and attraction.

And it is up to you to make the correct decision. TC mark

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