I Didn’t Like You, I Just Liked The Way You Made Me Feel

Every time I think of you, I remember your passionate kisses and the way you held my hand. How you would caress my body with your big bear hands and stare at me like I’m the only thing that mattered.

I remember the way you cooked dinner for me while I took a nap because I was so exhausted from work. It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. I appreciated that.

I remember you calling me every possible moment to check on me- to see how my day went and what I will do the following minute. I remember you inside me and how good it felt to be cherished like that. I remember you spooning me all night and holding on to me so tight that I could break into pieces

I remember how you made me feel. But I never really liked you.

You were good to me. You knew how to treat me well. You considered me yours but I was never anyone’s anything. And you should know that, people don’t own people.

As human beings, we think, act and respond to everything that we have our way- alone.
I can never be yours, and no one can ever own anyone. Possession is not the prize at the end of the rainbow.

You have to realize that people float in and out of your life: sometimes by fate, other times by some other worldly app named Tinder. We sometimes have control over who comes and goes, most of the time we don’t. I am saying this now to make you realize that you are worthy of love, it’s just not with me.

You made me feel good for a moment and I think when the right person comes along, you will realize why I let you go now. Why I am telling you that I never liked you. TC mark

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