The Princess And The Peace

“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” – Oscar Wilde

Do you realize we were preconditioned to believe in an extraordinary love? We all grew up watching as Sleeping Beauty was rescued by her prince’s kiss, how Ariel became human to be able to walk down the aisle with Eric, and saw how a Belle tamed her Beast. Don’t you think it’s funny how suddenly we lower our standards and accept the frog without it turning into the Prince?

Let’s take a step back and look at the whole picture. You, my dear, are deserving of an extraordinary love. Take those feelings you felt when you watched as Noah kissed Allie in the rain, and as Lloyd Dobler held up that boombox in front of Diane Court’s house in Say Anything. Embrace these movies, these ideas, because it’s not untrue. It’s when we start to let doubt seep in and our standards plummet that we start dating all the wrong men.

The worst is when you settle for the wrong man because you don’t feel deserving of someone incredible. All the while, this incredible person must have been hoping to have met you – but in turn, you let that opportunity go because you just couldn’t wait. You just couldn’t admit you were something special, instead, you let yourself waste away longing to fill that void in your heart.

A slap in the face and cold water is sometimes what we need to get out of that funk of darkness and oblivion. You feel like you’re drowning in disappointment and can’t even fake a smile properly as you walk towards a commitment that’s lined with disaster.

Please, do me a favor and walk away. It may hurt now, but grief is only temporary. Grieve for the person you weren’t and embrace the person you are meant to be. In turn, the right person will be attracted to the real you, and will treat you like the princess you really are.

Being a princess doesn’t necessarily mean being spoiled with riches, but rather, having your heart spoiled with unexplainable love. Relationships are supposed to be exciting and also comforting, spontaneous, yet peaceful. Your heart and your mind are supposed to both be agreeable and at ease. Not a fraction of pain should accompany your union, because when it’s right, it just is.

Wait for that, wait for the time that you feel yourself exhale because you finally met the man who makes waking up each morning a joy. He should never diminish the light that burns inside you, and rather, should further ignite that fire until it becomes so bright that even the people around you can’t deny your glow.

Fight for that love and start from within – and with that, you will see that he will come, because he is attracted to that flame. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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