15 Signs They’re Not Over You (Hooray?)


1. They still call you asking for little favors or with flimsy excuses like they can’t remember the name of that bar you went to that one time.

2. They show up at places you introduced them to still. Like if you always went to a specific restaurant and then now you see them there all the time. Are they hoping to run into you? They know you come here a lot.

3. They wear that shirt you bought them basically every day.

4. They’re waiting for you outside your class or work, but they pretend they were just “in the neighborhood.”

5. Their next partner looks pretty much exactly like you.

6. They keep in touch with your family, like wishing your sister a happy birthday on Facebook or texting your mom to say Happy Passover!

7. Spotify shows they’ve been listening to “your song” on repeat for days.

8. Your picture is still up at their apartment, on the wall over their bed. They tell their roommate that they just haven’t gotten around to taking it down yet, that’s all.

9. They ask your friends for updates about you. How are you doing? Are you seeing anyone? Oh, just wondering. No, I can’t ask her — so I’m asking you!

10. You get the sense that if you wanted them back, all you would have to do is ask.

11. They constantly bring up inside jokes from when you were dating or inside jokes about your former sex life, even in front of their new lover. Even in group settings with friends. Especially when you guys are alone.

12. They show up at a party you’re throwing with a group of friends to somehow prove to you that they’re super social now and doing great without you. Just like, LOVING being single. But it feels very planned and fake.

13. They see you out with someone else and immediately start acting weird and bumbling until you introduce them as “your friend,” and even then they act suspicious and sad the whole night.

14. They post on your Facebook timeline every five minutes still and “like” everything you ever post.

15. You pass by their dorm room and they are blasting Rilo Kiley and/or The Smiths. If they’re playing Beyonce, then they’re definitely over you. TC Mark

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