23 Signs They're The One

Kosho Owa
Kosho Owa

1. You have the same sense of humor and they make you laugh all the time.

2. You’ve vomited or other such bodily function all over them and they’ve been totally chill about it.

3. You believe they are really talented and they also think you’re something special.

4. You support each other in your goals and endeavors.

5. If you have a problem or complaint, you know they’ll listen and take you seriously.

6. You never feel manipulated or messed with. You never feel guilted into doing something you don’t want to do or pressured to be anyone but yourself.

7. They regularly do a nice thing you’ve specifically said you like for you. Whether it’s buying you chocolate or rubbing your shoulders after you get home from work. They just know that’s what you want and they do it.

8. They love your family and your family loves them. (Or if your family are horrible racists/homophobes, then the opposite is a sign!)

9. They don’t feel the need to go out and meet new people all the time. They’re perfectly happy sitting on the couch with you and ripping on TV shows.

10. They’ve at least attempted to cook for you. Even if it was burnt.

11. When you’re telling a story, they pay attention. They don’t look at the TV or pick up their phone. They really look you in the face and hear you.

12. You’ve shared some bad experiences and you feel like the relationship has only become stronger as a result.

13. You communicate during sex about what you like and want and you feel comfortable doing so.

14. You find them interesting as a person. You feel inspired by them and their enthusiasm and passion.

15. You enjoy sharing your hobbies and interests and music and books with them because they’ll be kind about them and even get into them with you, maybe.

16. You can cuddle in silence and be totally comfortable.

17. When you go out together, you have fun. There’s no fights or drunken misunderstandings. You just have fun.

18. You compromise without much complaining. Sometimes you go see the cliche indie film he wants to see, sometimes you go see the foreign film she wants to see.

19. Your friends like each other and you can throw mutual parties with no problems. Your friends also like your partner and your partner likes them.

20. You’re able to do your own thing and be independent without them making you feel bad about it or whining that they have nothing to do without you. You’re able to be your own people.

21. They compliment you. Even if it’s just, “Hey, you look nice today.” They don’t take it for granted that you “know how they feel.” They want to tell you because it’s nice and feels good.

22. You make plans for the future and stick to them. You know they are reliable and that you can count on them to be there for you.

23. They relieve the stress in your life, not add to it. Thank god. TC Mark

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