30 Things To Make Yourself Feel Better

1. Go to a dog park. How you can be sad around all those puppies?

2. Make a dance playlist. Dance to it alone in your room or take it to friend’s and dance with them.

3. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere. Helping others takes your mind off yourself.

4. Take a bubble bath or hot shower. Use nice smelling soap. Scrub all the sad away.

5. Jump on your bed like you’re a child again.

6. Window shop (or real shop if you can afford it).

7. Exercise. Go for a run. Punch a punching bag. Let’s get physical.

8. Eat all the ice cream. Go pick a flavor you’ve never had before. Consider it a new experience.

9. Paint your nails. If you’re a dude, clip your nails. Feels clean and nice.

10. Buy yourself flowers.

11. Start watching a new TV show. Preferably a comedy, though if you like schadenfreude, maybe try Breaking Bad.

12. Enter a weird funny contest like a baking competition or a spelling bee for adults.

13. Paint a mural on one of your walls even if you’re not an artist.

14. Buy some sparkly, ridiculous temporary tattoos. (Maybe unicorns? Or American flags?) Put them all over yourself.

15. Dye your hair another color.

16. Start that book you keep meaning to start. Turn off your phone and just settle into it.

17. Wear nothing but bright colors. Commit to yellow, pink and orange. Can’t be sad in neon.

18. Look up clips from awesome 90s TV shows and watch them. Remember how sweet Clarissa Explains It All, My So Called Life and All That were?

19. Hang out with some little kids. They don’t have complex problems and they’ll make you forget yours.

20. Cook! Make a new recipe. Make a favorite old meal your mom used to make. Bake all the brownies.

21. Write someone you admire (a celeb or not) a fan letter. Tell them how much you love them.

22. Get new, fake, too big, crazy glasses. Wear them around like it’s no big deal.

23. Buy packets of shiny or fuzzy stickers. Cover all your stuff with them.

24. Get really dressed up and then just go to the movies or to Denny’s.

25. Treat yourself to a massage.

26. Spend time with a friend and just listen to them talk about themselves without interjecting your own situation. It’s nice to leave your own head sometimes.

27. Chew some actual, old-school pink bubblegum. Blow big bubbles.

28. Join a pick up basketball game, or frisbee toss. Make new friends. Get some sunshine in.

29. Tie dye your white sheets. It’s really easy to do!

30. Do something unexpectedly nice for a random person. Pay for their coffee. Hold the door open for everyone. Tell them they look great today. What goes around, comes around. TC Mark

image – Shutterstock

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