10 Insanely Creepy Commercials That’ll Make You Turn Off Your TV Forever


There are tons of aspects advertisers consider in airing commercials. They look at their target audience, the airing time, and the product itself. However, the true struggle of an advertising company is the ad’s run time — which is normally 30 seconds on an average TV primetime slot. So it’s within these 30 critical seconds that companies have to come up with an eye-catching and distinctive way to leave a great impression to their audience along with the message of their ad.

In several unfortunate cases, some of these commercials may have been too odd or too abstract for an Average Joe to understand. Whatever messages these companies were trying to relay to their audiences, you would certainly know it flopped when a supposedly positive McDonald’s commercial gets you to not eat at McDonald’s for a month!

Here’s our list of 10 Creepiest commercials of all time.

1. Orkin — Family Vacation

The commercial starts with a family coming home from a holiday finding out that there were other “creatures” living in their house. Orkin, has released several of these commercials where giant bugs talks and acts as if they are ordinary human beings. The ad was supposed to depict humor to the target audience. Some of the viewers on the other hand, certainly didn’t think it was funny at all.

2. McDonald’s — Japanese Commercial


Clowns can be very scary for some, but clowns made by Japanese horror enthusiast are the ultimate hair raising creeper you don’t need to see. These are series of clips where they feature Ronald McDonald the clown stalking a young teenage girl. All these clips end, by showing the McDonald’s logo while a distorted McDonalds jingle sung by a satanic voice over plays in the background.

3. Baby Laugh-A-Lot


Believe it or not, this commercial was made in the 1970’s supposedly for the purpose of entertaining children. The ad however went too far from showing a very happy baby laugh-a-lot doll turned into very disturbing clips of children turning their heads in the camera with blank expressions along with the doll’s creepy laugh in the background.

Not only that, but the narrator on the video also went too far with his demented laugh. Was this commercial really aiming for a positive reaction to viewers when they decided to air this national television or are we just watching too much horror movies? You decide.

4. Ghost Car Commercial

This one is a classic. This commercial was certainly famous back in 2005 when it was first uploaded. The one who first posted the video had a caption that says “Look closely there’s a ghost in the car”, although the ad shows a very peaceful scene of a car driving in green mountains, you would certainly be freaked out of what’s about to happen at the end of the clip.

5. Playstation 3 — Baby Commercial

The scary baby on the ad clearly has nothing to do with the product (new Playstation 3) being launched. I’m not sure whether Sony wanted their target audience to be afraid in buying the new console or they were aiming to show more shock value to back up their tagline “Play Beyond.”

6. Mr. Krinkles Cereal Commercial


I don’t know if it’s the introduction where the head of the character pops out of nowhere in the screen or the fact that it’s a black and white vintage clown commercial that gives the video a creepy vibe to it. Still, this 1960’s cereal commercial is definitely a cringe worthy clip to watch.

7. Little Baby Ice Cream (Part 1)

The little baby ice cream commercial tops all the weirdest and terrifying commercials in the dessert industry. The ad begins with an androgynous character all covered in gooey white substance and eventually starts eating himself. To top that scary sight, the music being played in the background was a disturbing warped ice cream jingle matched with a creepy voice over telling everyone that eating little baby’s ice cream is a “Special Time.”

8. Little Baby Ice Cream (Part 2)


…And if the first Little Baby Ice Cream commercial was not terrifying enough to drive off your ice cream appetite, wait till you see the second one.

9. Japanese Kleenex (Cursed) Commercial

This ad was released in the 1980’s when Kleenex aired this Japanese commercial for their tissues which was found by most of its viewers very disturbing. The commercial starts with a scene where we see a woman in white robes and a small child dressed like a demonic creature sitting on straw. An acapela version of “It’s a Fine Day” by Jane and Barton is played as background music.

The real creepy part about this video, was the story behind it. Because it was widely talked about, word began to get around that several actors and crew involved in making this commercial died in unexpected deaths several months after it was aired. There have been many reports too, that the video is cursed and whoever watches it during midnight will meet the same fate as the crew. Whether it’s an urban legend or not, will you be curious enough to find out if you’re the sorry idiot who gets cursed in the end? I don’t think so.

10. Fragile Childhood – Monsters Commercial

This is by far, one of the most chilling and effective work of advocacy ad in the internet. This Finnish commercial was solely created to remind adults how children sees them when they’re drunk or intoxicated by alcohol and drugs. It’s not only made to be scary on television imagery, it also delivers a very spine-chilling message to viewers that the new monsters today which kids are afraid of are not the ones hiding inside their closets or under their beds but those whom they see everyday, which are their own parents. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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