This Is The Kind Of Guy I Want To Date In 2017


I want to date a guy who is kind. I want to date someone who treats people with respect, even when they can’t do anything for him. He doesn’t belittle people who work in retail or customer service, even though he could. He’s the kind of person who holds the door open for you even if you’re a few paces behind. He genuinely likes people and wants the best for them. He knows that someone else’s success or happiness doesn’t come at the cost of his own.

I want to date a guy who is smart. He isn’t satisfied just talking about sports or TV or whatever everyone else is talking about. He asks questions. Big questions. He wants to know who you are and how you think and what things you believe in so much you’d die for them. He reads. He teaches people without condescending to them. He could stay up all night talking and not run out of things that interest him. He’s the kind of person who elevates whatever conversation he’s in.

I want to date a guy who sees me as an equal partner. He doesn’t think I’m a damsel in distress, but he doesn’t view me as his caretaker either. He’s my partner and he thinks he has the best team in the world. He trusts me to be smart, to make good decisions, and to always be looking out for his best interests.

I want to date a guy who isn’t afraid of love. He believes in commitment, because high-quality people don’t come around that often. He isn’t looking for just anyone, he’s looking for a woman who shares his values, who lights a fire in his brain and in his heart. He’s ready for her. And he’s not going to be passive when she comes around.

I want to date a guy who is excited about the future. He’s active in building a life that gets better every day, and he’s looking forward to sharing it with someone. He has confidence in me, in us, that whatever challenges come aren’t as strong as we are together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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