Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Like Magic

Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Like Magic

I’ve been told that I’m too picky; too choosy. That my expectations are too high, and that if they stay that way, I will be alone forever. But I have loved before. And when you have loved before, you learn that being with someone, the right person, is an otherworldly experience. The right person makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. The right person is enchanting, the right kind. And they make you feel like magic.

Someone once told me, you need to stop looking for unicorns, because they don’t exist. But perhaps they do. There is nothing wrong with believing in them. Maybe the unicorn is the person who shows us that life is not mundane. They are the ones who bring a newfound sense of life to us. They make us realize that love can be more than we realize and that it should be an ethereal experience through every moment and aspect. Do not let yourself settle for anything less.

The one who makes you realize that love is magic is the one who welcomes your vulnerability. They don’t bash you or push you away for the way your heart and spirit ebbs and flows. They will gently take away any reason for you to protect yourself, and instead will help to hold your fragility with a gentle strength. They show you that love is caring and understanding. They bring you a form of empathy that you never thought you’d have, that you never believed in. You are whole already on your own, but you learn that with them, coexisting makes you feel fuller and brand new. We humans are complex creatures, and sometimes we can feel alien to our surroundings. The one who brings magic to your love understands your complexity. And their own complexity becomes compatible with yours. In some mystical way, they combine their heart with yours so that you don’t have to hold onto your anxieties and worries alone.

This magical lover’s touch is the kind that immediately ignites your body and heart with fire. No matter how long the two of you have had each other, the beginning or years in. Their caresses are like slivers of silver running down your bare skin. Fingertip brushes feel make your veins run with electricity. The nuzzle of a cold nose into your neck burns, and kisses make you smile. Everything is passionate and full of so much life and need that you feel that the universe sits in your hands. Every touch is raw and fills you with a newfound wonder whenever contact is made. Your bodies are so much more than just skin and bones. Regardless of if you are just holding hands, or they are pushing a strand of hair out of your eyes, or the way they cup your jaw. Being held brings a sense of life to all of your atoms that feels out of this world. Instead of being one in a billion on the earth, the two of you are all of it, the world, the people, the universe beyond.

When you have someone who makes you feel like magic, just yours and their eyes are enough to make your love feel like you are floating in a celestial limbo. Mornings are made of the beautiful sense of home and warmth you feel watching them sleep. Midnight is quiet as the two of you look into each other’s sleepy eyes and peer beyond into each other’s souls. Nothing could make you believe in magic more than looking into that one’s eyes and seeing how they look at you. They look at you like you are the only person in the room; the world. And to them, you are. The eyes prove to be the open window between the two of you, so intense that nothing could break the gazes or fade the stars that twinkle in them. Whether it be alone at home, or across the room in a crowd, you always catch them. The person who makes you feel like magic will watch you with eyes so clear and in love that one look alone sends you over the moon.

You deserve someone who is every bit your equal as they are the companion who brings everything new and everything more in love to your life. The lover who gives you magic is your whole, the binary planet to your own, constantly, consistently, and never-ending in orbiting with you. They show you that when you think you love enough, there is more. There is no limit to love.

So be patient, you beautiful spirit, you shimmering heart. Do not settle. Your magic is coming. They are out there, they will find you, and you will know a love that you will never lose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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