When Your Depression Becomes The Heaviest, Remember Your Wings

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Our depression is a weight that can be the toughest to lift sometimes. Not all of us exercise our minds to the extent to rid the weight every day, and sometimes, it looms, it pushes, and it feels like a cage holding us back from flying further.

Weightlessness becomes something that feels unattainable. Impossible. But to bring yourself back up, you need to remember how far you’ve gotten. The rest of your life isn’t the end of the cage. It’s the sky, and you’re the bird that fights the wind and rain to go higher. We are the everyday fighters that go against whatever life throws our way. Whether it be a tornado of our own emotions, or the lightning storm that brings our darker days. It’s when we lay in our solace, our caves, and realize that our backs hold wings and our chests a heart that continues to beat. What serves as our wings? Our will to keep fighting the weather and the cages and nets?

The loved ones. You are never alone. You will never have to handle these storms alone. It just takes courage to open your heart and let them in. The right ones will mend your wounds. They will guide you back to the open sky. They’re the cradle that brings warmth back into your body, and they are the hands that push you to keep moving forward.

A song. We are beings that need words of affirmation. We turn to a song that we’ve always loved. A song that brings us back to our feet and makes us realize that the world is our home. A poetic jumble of words that make sense to our minds. A singing voice that has us realize that our hearts continuing to beat is music on its own.

The world. Our world serves as evidence that there is a reason why living creatures such as ourselves continue to push on and strive for life. Regardless of the cages, the risks, and the dangers of what may lie ahead, plants, mammals, fish, and us. We continue to live.

We have two wings and a heart. And you, darling, you need to remember that we are angels who deserve everything. We are the open sky, and we are the angels whose wings and heart continue to beat to keep moving forward. An inch, a mile. We are never stuck. We are just fighting for more. TC mark

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